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Up until this past year, it has been impossible to help patients using CBD, as it had nearly been bred out of the world of cannabis plants. Of course, no one knew about CBD, but everyone was growing for the stoniest weed; hence, CBD which is essentially non-psychoactive, was nearly lost. In the past two years, more and more rich CBD strains are turning up. This is in part because we know we should be looking for them AND we finally had laboratories that would accurately let us know how much of which cannabinoid was present. The Cannabinoids are the approximately 200 or so three chain molecules such as THC, the most well known one and most psychoactive one. So, the plant in the past always contained CBD – remember it all started with Hemp!

So, now we have gardens of CBD containing clones and plants with varying amounts and ratios of THC and CBD. In general, the higher the CBD/THC ratio, the less psychoactive the plant, or it’s derived medicine possess. The more the THC, the more the psychoactivity, however, there are several caveats:

1. We really don’t know for certain the relationships between levels of THC or CBD as opposed to the ratio of the two

2. There are over 100 Terpene molecules in the plant. For details see my blog on Terpenes. They are the molecules that give each strain of cannabis, it’s flavor and scent and character. Additionally, many of the Terpenes posses psychoactive effects both on the typical cannabis brain receptors (the CB1 receptors) ¬†as well as having effects on other receptors.

It is the combined effects of the cannabinoids, terpenes and perhaps another 200 molecules all working together and carefully balanced in nature that we are now referring to as “The Entourage Effect”, coined by Dr. Ethan Russo.

So, going forward in the next few months, more tinctures with tested, certified and labelled CBD/THC and Terpenes, as well as mold and pesticide testing, will be appearing on the market. It is very difficult to predict the effect of a tincture based upon whether it is from a Sativa or Indica plant. Clearly, it is the so-called “Entourage” effect of all of these molecules working together that determine how a cannabis product will effect the patient. In addition, every patient is different. So, as more and more tinctures appear in collectives, you should try them. They will be marked with a Psychoactive Scale. This has been suggested by a number of Cannabis specialists and is a scale from 0 – 10. A value of 0 means there is no psychoactivity, or virtually none. The tincture or capsule or other certified cannabis medicine will have it’s expected effects for anxiety and pain, but without any “stony” feeling at all. A 5 would be in the middle and a 9 or 10 will be extremely psychoactive.

Enjoy my blog archive and read, read, read…..

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63 Responses to WELCOME TO GREENBRIDGE MEDICAL 310-393-0640

  1. Please call the office at 310-393-0640

  2. Marsalee Forrestar says:

    I am interested in a potential appointment but would like to know the charge, please. I am on a limited income. Thank you.

  3. I believe it would be worthwhile setting up a visit with me

  4. Probably 90% of the patients who use dosed and consistent CBD rich medicines are greatly benefitted by CBD rich extracts. Perhaps consider a phone consultation with me?

  5. The best thing to do would be to setup a 60 minute phone consultation. Decide what type and dose might be best and then of course help figure out a way to get the medicine

  6. Wynn levitt says:

    I have a 37 year old daughter with cerebral palsy and Lennox gaustau symdrome. She had a corpus collosum in 2000 and vns in 2013 with multiple anticonvulsants throughout her life. She still has seizures on a daily basis. We live in Alaska where medicinal cannibis is legal but no outlets here to purchase. I’m very anxious to start her on cbd’s , have read a lot information but still unsure where to start. I would like to consult with you and see if you could give some guidance as to which product to start with. I ordered some through bluebird with a 24% of cbd and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I have heard of the charlottes web strain but it appears there is a waiting list and chanda would need to be a Colorado or California resident to get on the list.??? I hope we can speak together soon. Thank you, Wynn

  7. Lindsay says:

    Has any of your patients been cured or helped by the use of CBD oil for anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, OCD, and depression. Thanks!

  8. charlotte says:

    I am fighting ms, and I’ve read and seen shows where cannabis oil help. I am sure the oil can help with ms. Please assist me in getting the oil. Where can I get it? Whatever it can do will make me happy. I live in LA

  9. Patients taking any of the CBD extracts on the market will test positive even for the tiny amount of THC

  10. Please call the office to setup a phone consultation. I understand your frustration and would like to help. I just know that a two minute phone call will not be helpful. I do provide phone and Skype phone “informational” consults. Our office phone is 310-393-0640

  11. This is a bit too much for an email answer, but we have had some pretty good results with both tinnitus and vertigo. Give my office a call if you wish to setup a phone or in person consultation. 310-393-0640

  12. This is a bit too much for an email answer, but we have had some pretty good results with both tinnitus and vertigo. Give my office a call if you wish to setup a phone or in person consultation. 310-393-0640

  13. David Flournoy says:

    cronic tinnitus about to lose it . what can help. nerve damage shock like semtems.screaming in my head 24/7

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