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Up until this past year, it has been impossible to help patients using CBD, as it had nearly been bred out of the world of cannabis plants. Of course, no one knew about CBD, but everyone was growing for the stoniest weed; hence, CBD which is essentially non-psychoactive, was nearly lost. In the past two years, more and more rich CBD strains are turning up. This is in part because we know we should be looking for them AND we finally had laboratories that would accurately let us know how much of which cannabinoid was present. The Cannabinoids are the approximately 200 or so three chain molecules such as THC, the most well known one and most psychoactive one. So, the plant in the past always contained CBD – remember it all started with Hemp!

So, now we have gardens of CBD containing clones and plants with varying amounts and ratios of THC and CBD. In general, the higher the CBD/THC ratio, the less psychoactive the plant, or it’s derived medicine possess. The more the THC, the more the psychoactivity, however, there are several caveats:

1. We really don’t know for certain the relationships between levels of THC or CBD as opposed to the ratio of the two

2. There are over 100 Terpene molecules in the plant. For details see my blog on Terpenes. They are the molecules that give each strain of cannabis, it’s flavor and scent and character. Additionally, many of the Terpenes posses psychoactive effects both on the typical cannabis brain receptors (the CB1 receptors) ¬†as well as having effects on other receptors.

It is the combined effects of the cannabinoids, terpenes and perhaps another 200 molecules all working together and carefully balanced in nature that we are now referring to as “The Entourage Effect”, coined by Dr. Ethan Russo.

So, going forward in the next few months, more tinctures with tested, certified and labelled CBD/THC and Terpenes, as well as mold and pesticide testing, will be appearing on the market. It is very difficult to predict the effect of a tincture based upon whether it is from a Sativa or Indica plant. Clearly, it is the so-called “Entourage” effect of all of these molecules working together that determine how a cannabis product will effect the patient. In addition, every patient is different. So, as more and more tinctures appear in collectives, you should try them. They will be marked with a Psychoactive Scale. This has been suggested by a number of Cannabis specialists and is a scale from 0 – 10. A value of 0 means there is no psychoactivity, or virtually none. The tincture or capsule or other certified cannabis medicine will have it’s expected effects for anxiety and pain, but without any “stony” feeling at all. A 5 would be in the middle and a 9 or 10 will be extremely psychoactive.

Enjoy my blog archive and read, read, read…..

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  1. In general, patients with either MS or Lyme have a lot of pain and/or spasm. In my experience, CBD alone or “Hemp based Meds” are much less likely to help. I would suggest calling our office in Santa Monica and setting up a phone consult.

  2. dev says:

    I do not live in a state that legalizes any of these treatments as of now.I have been reading alot regarding cbd oil online where the co. say you can buy it legally because it has no thc in it, and it can help. What I am wondering is, Will the oils made that can be distributed to all states be as strong or cover all the areas of help to a patient as much as the oils made in fully legally accepted , states. The prices are very high and I dont want to waste my monies.I have ms and lyme disease and am not even sure of dosages, but willing to try most things for help and have. Thank you for any information.

  3. I have seen a number of patients with Stage IV prostate cancer and have seen fairly good responses to CBD/THC in a number of patients. I would surely encourage it’s use.

  4. I would always suggest using cannabis earlier – for sure.

  5. Geri says:

    I was diagnosed 8 years ago with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I have been in the watch and wait stage. My WBC is now around 40,000. Up fro 15,000 8 years ago. I understand I have the “good” prognostic markers. My question: do you believe that it would be more beneficial to take the marijuana now before the white count causes problems possibly in the near future. Or should I wait until treatment is necessary? Secondly, do high does affect the kidneys? Thank you kindly for a response.

  6. Numb Nuts says:

    through safe practices and with passing lab tested CBDa/CBD rich oil.
    administered multipal times a day over the course of 30 days
    Dude started with liver enzyme count of 332 (bad)
    8 oxy pills a day (yikes)

    i was able to educate and console dude down to 1 oxy a day
    and liver enzyme count stabilized at around 98 (Good) fairly quickly
    blood sugars are stabilizing at around 104 for this particular heavy dude
    heavy dudes tend to need more oil than most.
    doctors gave him the ok to have the long awaiting minor surgery next month…….hmmmm

    i noticed a smile on his face. his house was clean and well being is returning.
    re-socialization into society is posable, when one is focused and in no pain.

  7. Zoya Sotirova says:

    My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. He is receiving a hormonal therapy (Zoladex/Lupron). However, there is cancer in the bones now. He is in a lot of pain. Please help. Thank you!

  8. Rand says:

    I am interested In obtaining hi CBD lo THC seeds. I live in Oregon and can arrange with a grower. Thank you.

  9. Well, all I can tell you is that I am currently treating nearly one new schizophrenic patient each month. We do it with rich CBD extracts. As you are in Colorado, you should be able to find what you need there. If you would like more details, please give my office a call at 310-393-6041

  10. Very good question. There is one exception and that is GW pharmaceuticals who has had some amazing strains for nearly twenty years. The vast majority of studies out there are using synthetic molecular CBD, other than the newer studies that often use a generic version of Sativex from GW Pharma. Whole plant dosing is VERY different from molecular dosing, so a lot of the dosing information I use in my practice is borrowed from studies using Sativex, more so than those using molecular CBD, as the dosing is VERY different.

  11. So sorry. I am just too busy to do the show right now. I am hoping to start up something a bit different later this year. Stay tuned.

  12. pielala says:

    Is your radio show active? If so where is the link …Thanks

  13. David Collier says:

    Greetings Dr. Frankel, Than you for the excellent and informative conversation on Saturday.
    I have a question about a point on which I remained unclear. You indicated that it is only 18 months ago that your group developed the hybrid plant that produces nearly pure CBD, and that there is not any process through which CBD can be extracted.
    Does this mean that relatively pure CBD was not available until 18 months ago? If so, what form was involved in the case studies and clinical trials that have been reported on-and-off since the mid-1980s. How do we compare those results with what is available now?
    Thanks for letting me know, — David.

  14. rebecca martinez says:

    My name is Rebecca Martinez. My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia 18 years ago. It has been a long tiring battle for Anthony and his family. We were told that there were no other medications available for him and that he has been on every medication out there. We also struggle with the difficulty in Colorado and the mental health system. I wrote a letter which i directed to many people in the state and i also sent to President Obama. In my research about CBD i found that there have been studies done in California and outside of the country with patients with schizophrenia and success with Marijuana. I read that THC would probably make his illness worse but i feel that CBD may be the opposite. In my research i also came across another medication online for the illness that my family and i never heard of and i brought that with me to the state hospital when we met with his doctor and staff. The moment i brought up pot the doctor was very rude and dismissive, she wound’t allow me to finish a sentence or provide the research i have found. Anytime i tried to explain she would talk over me and said she would never ever allow my brother to use this as a form of treatment. She was very closed minded and unwilling to try something regardless of how long he’s been suffering. Her answer to me if that’s what we wanted was to go find another psychiatrist whose willing to do it because she’s sure their out there. She had the nerve to talk about the “luck” with pot helping any ailment mentally or physically and that sometimes things happen by “chance” and because people are hopeful they assume that’s what cured them. By he end of the meeting my brother left starting on the new medication that we were never told about, if she was so bright why is that he wasn’t put on this medication before? I’m not a doctor, why did i have to bring this to her attention? I can’t help but think this was already in the back of their minds but maybe it is too costly? Same goes for pot, aside from the political ridiculous views of it i am sure it will also cause pharmaceutical companies to lose profit as well and maybe that’s what the country is afraid of. I myself smoke pot for many reasons, recreational, anxiety, depression and at one point i was taking nearly a bottle of different pills a week to get rid of my headaches. Since i started smoking pot more regularly the headaches vanished. This can’t be luck. I am sorry for the long email, i am looking for some guidance, who can i talk to so my brother can try this. There has to be a rule i don’t know about, if a patient wants to try a certain treatment he should be able to ask for it. Thank you for your time!

  15. Interesting but no relation that I am aware of. With regard to advise of animals over the open internet, it is just insane for me to expose myself. It is difficult enough to try have an intelligent opinion with regard to patients. It is way more to publicly state that; if taken to other species and multiple patients it becomes a Federally illegal Dr Oz. :) Just truly impossible.

    That stated, it does not mean that I don’t have opinions; I have opinions on so many things, often including things I probably should not. If you are interested in pursuing that option, please contact my office and figure out a more “private” way in which to accomplish what you wish.

    I pray that over time, such silly issues will be long over. At this point, I probably already say more than I should. I hope you understand. :)) Allan I Frankel, MD

  16. Gloria Ives says:

    CBD’s and Dogs- our dog had a foreleg amputation for a peripheral nerve sheath tumor between the brachial plexus and spine. That was In June. Pathology showed microscopic cells left over- we opted against radiation. Everything was cool until now. Once he healed from the surgery he was on no meds. Now he is exhibiting pain. He’s on prednisone and Neurontin, and I’m intersperseing Tramadol. Tramadol does not agree. This was the same mix he was on before the amputation, and I found it difficult to determine what was agitation, what was pain, what was side effect. Same now. I have bought a 500 mg. CBD glycerine tincture, and am giving him 15 drops. Would appreciate your thoughts if you would. He needs relief.
    Also my grandmother had a doctor in Ohio named Dr. franked. He created a miracle salve which he used for everything, created by a compounding pharmacist. It had every property: pain, itch, antibiotic, etc… Anyr relation?

  17. This is not something I can address in a blog. If you can benefit from talking or a consult, please contact my office at 310-821-9600. Thanks

  18. darryl bocage says:

    After we make oil mixture do we refrigerate from la. Usa

  19. Deana Duran says:

    I’m taking the spray (extract #3) . I don’t feel any pain relief so I’m wondering if I need a stronger dosage.

  20. I would call into my radio show on Wednesday’s at 4 PM. We can speak about things more openly and there is no charge of course.

  21. harry coombs says:

    have aggressive prostate cancer taking 31.51 mg dixie cbd. so far no mets to anywhere. can i take raw hemp plant juice with the cbd? in what amts. my duke onco wants me to take taxotere and carbo platin should i refuse it and stick with cbd? but have no money for phone consult. live in centeral n.c so travel is not feasable

  22. I think the best thing to do is to setup a phone consult with Alex, my assistant at 310-821-9600

  23. Patricia A. says:

    Dr. Frankel,

    I just saw the episode on the Wealth channel regarding CBD and how it may help with Anxiety Disorder. I am presently 46 and have been plagued with anxiety since I was 17. I have been to multiple psychologists and psychiatrists who have placed me on a multitude of different psychotropic meds. One of which gave me suicidal ideations. I’m currently taking Prozac and Xanax SR. The Xanax causes me to have uncontrollable boughts of sleepiness.
    I would love, love , love to set up an office visit with you to discuss my options, however I live in Florida and it’s just not feasible for me to fly out to Cali.

  24. Samual Kell says:

    Any brain tumor is inherently serious and life-threatening because of its invasive and infiltrative character in the limited space of the intracranial cavity. However, brain tumors (even malignant ones) are not invariably fatal, especially lipomas which are inherently benign. Brain tumors or intracranial neoplasms can be cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign);;^-..

  25. Thanks for your comment. Not certain if there was a question there or not?

  26. RolloverRiderPGR says:

    Hi Doc.
    I’m now a 5 year Stage 4 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma AND now a 3 year brain surgery survivor which came from all those 40 Thomo Therapy treatments! Cancer free Oct. 31,’08! But I bet you remember the survivor rate for the 5th year of a Nasopharyngeal survivor? Pretty good odds in Vegas so I’ll live with them and now the rest of the story….

    I was actually given a government prescription by my radiologist but never filled it due to my job as a truck driver. Pesky DOT rules and pee tests! This should also answer an earlier question if an eatable will show up in a urinalysis. Yes because THC which is what the test looks for attaches to fat tissue ( a point I’ll bring up later) which takes up to 30+ days to clear from your system unless you do a vinegar cleanse of 1-2 TBLS a day or a “purge” of a lot of Kosher Dill pickles and the juice which helps to clean the fat from your system and requires no high dollar mail order gadget!

    I had pretty much given up smoking pot years ago due to those rules until that first week of chemo and radiation (time in machine usually 21 minutes x 40) when a neighbor came to visit and handed me a pipe and I can tell you the nausea was gone. To heck with those stupid nasty little green pills that were supposed to do that job but failed and I still couldn’t take the chance. The consequences of failing a pee test were not worth the money I made so I “lived with it” as the saying goes and still does today!

    That is until about August ’12. Stress and pain and other “gifts” that cancer and life loves to give and throw at you started to add up and the fact that I took NO pain, antibios or any prescription drug due to my governor changing medicare rules, jacked my mc payment to $800 or 1/2 of my income and my son lives with me and is still waiting for someone to die and open up a job in this town so I had to drop it and rely on Medicare which is a joke at my costs to keep the house and those costs and food!

    BUT anyway, it, the medicals helps, and the thing of me losing weight from 155 in March ’08 and 115 this AM which is actually an improvement as I was down to my best of 109 last year is because I have more of an appetite or munchies so I mostly gain but it’s a battle as they kinda took the last of my teeth and the brain surgery cut the muscles in my face to my jaw, so it only opens to 1.5″, no slava due to the radiation in the face, the damage to my tongue so eating real food is a “chore” at most which unless I’m medicated, I have no real desire to eat! You’d have to sit and talk to hear the whole story but I really don’t see me getting to SoCa on the bucket list! LOL

    I now have pain or STILL have pain on a level of 1-10, was steady at 6-8, since the beginning of this roller coaster ride, in the head and throat mouth and tongue and since I started smoking, at most, sits at 3-4, but I am now having a slight problem.

    I was a cigarette smoker for 39 years. I had quit with my own plan I made up and had not allowed any smoke across my lips until that day on my back porch with my neighbor!

    That “slight” problem is, I am getting my old smokers hack back! I lived with that nasty noise for years! I now have other “nasty noises” I make due to cancer but thats NOT one I want to hear every morning so I am all for trying tinctures, butter or BHO but another reason for eatables is I’m “EATING!!” I have recently had friends come and bake a firecracker and another a smore and this is where I am in confusion.

    #1 I’ll argue till doomsday with ANY politician or “medical expert” about how cannabis is better AND CHEAPER than other man made meds and yes we must call any tincture or cannabis “product” as man made even if it’s all organic in nature with all the “ingredients” that go into any making of the eatables I’ve seen so far and now the problem.

    The argument is Decarboxylation. Several “voices” are telling me NOT TO cook my pot before the extraction. These are, let’s say “younger” persons with not much life experences who believe everything on the first page of a search is gospel and don’t really understand the word “research” so for me?

    I’m with the thought of if it has to be heated to release ALL the little molecules of everything the plant needs to give me I’ll do it and being the “eligible bachelor” I am because I do cook food when I want to so cooking and isn’t any mind blowing experience to me!

    Is it because the plant material is cooled after the initial heating up to no higher than 350* @ 3-5 minutes or 150 @ 3-5? I also have a friend that actually cooks his at 350* then turns the heat up to 380* for the last 2 minutes.

    I know that if I see “smoke” or vapors in either Decarboxylation or boiling or baking then I’m losing molecules, then when “cooked” again in either batters or alcohol is when all the rest of the molecules are released or activated for human consumption?

    My young friend won’t believe me until I get some “real” answers and not the research of a sit at home disabled trucker/biker, bored out of his head human!

    Now one last little “problem!”
    Remember my weight from earlier?
    I know from years past there is supposed to be something called muscle and fat between my skin and my bones.
    OK I have neither! ROFLMBO!
    I also remember for years gone by I used to get “high.” Yeah I remember those days well!
    No fat on my now depleted little body, I do not get the effects I remember BUT I DO get some very helpful pain and stress relief. My nutrient intake is 32 ozs of Equate and Ensure a day and what ever I can get to go down the throat which MIGHT be 280 – to as many as I can get down as I do need the fiber and exercise on my throat muscles that radiation pretty much destroyed.

    All my research, I can find no answer to this one question: Is there a formula for how much fat I need at “medication” time in my drinks (3x daily) to ensure I get the FULL benefit of every THC molecule I can and stay inside a safe nutritional safety zone? OR should I and others with a dietary schedule just add up all those daily fat cals and keep it in that zone which is a PITA! I can safely say that if I haven’t “eaten” any nutrients before I smoke I can tell a difference in how much “feeling” I get when high.

    Sorry for hijacking your thread but us survivors do love to share our fun lives!

    OH! That “hint” about flavoring extracts? I use many of the liquid extracts in my Equate and Ensures as you can only drink so much vanilla and chocolate before you need to up that quality of life!

    I’m going to start with GD my first couple of trys. I will not flavor until after the first couple of meds then will start with my favorites which I will share with you who have lost your sense of taste from chemo and radiation or just like new flavors!

    WARNING!! Some of those little bottles of extracts can be VERY DANGEROUS! I’m talking flavor so intense that it WILL knock you to the floor and it’s NOT a fun ride! Some can burn like liquid Cinnamon or taste really nasty like rum or coconut! BUT start out with that dropper and start with 1 drop and as you recommend with the tincture go slow but don’t be afraid to mix and match flavors as you can come up with some really interesting ones! Can you imagine a tincture that taste like chocolate mint or butter rum, peppermint patty, maple syrup with a hint of blueberry for a pancake medicine or an Almond Joy? All under your tongue? And if you can’t enjoy a little “nip” due to all those other meds the doctor has written for you… Try Brandy extract! No alcohol but a nice up to full brandy taste just do it a drop at a time to NOT waste a med! It’s one that can “burn” a bit.
    I’m waiting for Jack Daniels flavoring to come out! LOL!

    I hope at least someone can use a little of the above and hopefully you can give some of your harder hit patients some of this also!

    Now where is my double boiler??

  27. I realize that it should be so easy for me to tell you publicly how you might arrange this, but this is a very private matter between physician – me, and you – perhaps my patient.

    We need to begin this more formally with a phone consultation. Call my assistant, Alex, at 310-821-9600, and arrange a time for us to speak. In addition, we will want a copy of pertinent medical records faxed to our office prior to my speaking with you.

    I hope this helps.

  28. Lorna Gildig says:

    Dear Dr. Frankel,
    My stepmother, Betsy, has brain cancer. The doctor says that it can only be controlled with chemotherapy but cannot be cured and that radiation will not help. She lives in Kentucky.

    I recently saw the Wealth TV special in which you speak about CBD. It sounds amazing.

    I know that you don’t know me or my family but if anyone deserves a chance to receive this treatment, it is her. She is one of the kindest, most loving individuals I have ever known. Is there any way she can receive the CBD treatment? Can we order it by mail if it does not have THC in it?
    Please help us.

  29. Please just call the office at 310-821-9600 and we can setup a convenient time to talk.

  30. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    We do have an internship program at both the collective end and my office. I presume you live in the LA area?

    Call my assistant, Alex, at 310-821-9600, and setup an hour for us to just meet and talk at the end of a day.

    In the meantime, please send CV/Bio/etc, to internship@greenbridgemed.com.


  31. Margaret P. says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have just found this website for the second time. It is now 2013 and we may actuall have figured out a ” dosage” for Mj to actually utilize this drug to help with pain ! I’m so very interested in your research as I have been trying to figure this on my own! My “lab” was different people with different types. As you can imagine, very unreliable results.! I just received my B.A. In business. I continue to seek p/t-f/t employment. I am so passionate about the progress of this research I would be willing to volunteer if need be. Please consider my request, resume and references available upon request.
    Thank you,
    Margaret M. P

  32. Bruce Pritchard says:

    Hi my name is Bruce Pritchard. My wife has pain from a recent occurrence of diverticulitis. She still has pain even More than 4 weeks ago. She had colon cancer followed by colon resection and chemotherapy. Following this aforementioned ordeal she discovered the colon cancer had spread to her lung. Following removal of a portion of her lung lobe she underwent further chemotherapy. This history spanned almost 2 years. My nephew Alex Beckett and mother Annie Laurie both recommended contacting you. My wife Elisabeth is still experiencing constant mild pain that won’t go away. Is there a protocol for this? Please contact me at 203-249-0188. Thanks!

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