Chronic Pain and CBD (Cannabidiol)

I am sure many of you are beginning to hear about CBD (Cannabidiol). It is one of approximately 70 Cannabinoids, the most famous being THC. CBD is an amazing compound and I will have many future blogs about the non-psychoactive properties of CBD, but also how it can and will be used to treat chronic pain, anxiety and other mood disorders, as well as being a neuro-protectant and a very help anti-cancer drug.  For today, let’s talk about CBD’s value in treating chronic pain.

CBD works against pain primarily in the peripheral nervous system. It does not work like typical pain meds by effecting the central nervous system; it works at the neuro-synapse.  When we sustain injuries, often the pain is acute and disappears completely. Other times we have persistent or intermittent pain, but it is still not that big of a deal. However, with many disorders the pain is either part of the underlying problem itself (Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Disease, etc ) or the pain becomes a syndrome of it’s own. In other words, the pain takes on a life of it’s own and is now crippling the patient. A certain level of pain is of course protective, but we all know the difference.

In a recent Scientific American article, chronic pain and CBD are discussed in a very creative way that fits with my clinical experience. When an injury takes place, increased Glial cell production forms around the neuro junctions. These Glial cells produce Cytokines which are chemical transmitters spreading inflammation and signaling pain. When a molecule of CBD binds to the Glial cell, the cytokine production decreases and the patient feels a marked decrease in pain. This would also explain why some patients have pain relief that lasts way beyond the theoretical effect of the CBD.

I suppose we are all just a bit low on CBD; but there is a cure.

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24 thoughts on “Chronic Pain and CBD (Cannabidiol)

  1. I love CBD as well. However, without THC, at times in significant levels, perhaps as many as 80% of my patient’s treatment plans would be inadequate; We still really, really need THC

  2. Best of all is that CBD oils are coming a long way. I know THC has its medicinal value, but it’s CBD that is finally getting people to recognize the power and potential behind marijuana. It truly has a role in the medical field and if it takes CBD (a cannabinoid that doesn’t provide a high or psychoactive effect) for people to see it, then so be it! I’m extremely happy about what CBD is doing for the industry and the direction that things are moving.

  3. I have chronic migraine also. I get relief best from vaporizator or smoking high quality buds that has lot’s of TCH. People are different, migraines are different. Maybe to tension headaches CBD would be good?

  4. I have m.e/cfs for many years,recently taking CBD which made a little difference (thankfully a shoulder pain i had disappeared overnight) i’m purchasing it from a disabled German man,He isn’t too happy with profiteering and is selling it at low prices.

    Could you say whether more THC would help my condition,although it will be harder to find as it is not legal as yet.

  5. I have a CRPS/RSD and am wondering if CBD will be helpful to me. My brother in law picked me up some derived from Hemp. Does that work the same? Will it interfere with other medications? I can not currently get medical marijuana my state is fine tuning the particulars for the law. It was legalized but has not been implemented yet. Also, will the CBD show up when my doctor does a drug screen?

  6. In my experience, patients with Fribromyalgia benefit from a mix of CBD and THC. If you are interested, you can of course visit me in my office. If that is not possible, I do help patients with scheduled phone consultations through my office.

  7. I am 63, am on disability due to the chronic whole body pain from years of Fibromyalgia. I take Tramadol (100 mg X2) a day to turn the volume of the pain down. I use Percocet when I have a severe flare-up.

    I know these chemicals will harm my liver and kidneys eventually, and I’m wondering if CBD would give me the pain relief, NO HIGH, that I need. I’d like to ween myself off the chemical pain meds.

    Thank you,

  8. I myself am on disability due to fibromyalgia, cost is a factor. I also have a daughter with chronic abdominal pain issues and a son with ADHD that I have heard may all be beneficial. How do you recommend this and to afford? My daughter and I take a lot of meds and my son refuses and possible has a mood disorder not diagnosed. I am beyond frustrated!

  9. it is CBD,

    I would be happy to educate you in person and if appropriate, provide a recommendation for you. As you know, there are certain requirements for qualifying for a recommendation, such as being 21 or older and a CA resident.

  10. I live in Los Angeles. What doctors would be willing to give a recommendation letter or prescription for CBT? Where do you get it? Can you drive and function while on it? Does insurance cover it? Sorry about all the questions – thanks!!

  11. One of the most common patients I see, from all over the State, are pain patients – just like you.

    Generally, after a consultation with a patient, we can decide which of the CBD extracts is most likely to be effective and with minimal or no side effects.

    Call my office if you are interested in scheduling a consult, either in person, or by phone.

  12. I am a chronic pain patient, I have 4 fractured vertebra, L-2 thru L-5, on top of that all of the discs between these vertebra are destroyed. I am currently on an opiate pain management treatment, but eventually you will build up tolerances and the drug no longer works. Not to mention the withdrawals. Is there any know cases of CBD’s working for severe pain patients.
    your responses would be greatly appreciated, I am in California so yes I could get a recommendation letter from my doctor.

    Thank you all in advance!!!!

  13. I have severe chiari malformation and eds I take imitrex everyday and I’m afraid I’m going to kill myself with it. I also can’t become pregnant again because I need the imitrex to function. Where can I get CBD to try? I’m desperate my condition is incurable

  14. I suffer from chronic migrains,they have lasted up to a full, 30 days my doct.wont give me a mri or a catscan,im extremly scared that my blood vessels will pop,is the cbd effective wit chronic migrains?

  15. I am a disabled and would like to know if any form of cbd is available yet i am on a lot of pain med’s that i know will kill me eventually and i skip them when ever i think i can because these pills scare me, doing this normally results in more pain and me being irritable which is ruining my marriage and family life if you would call it that,

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