CBD (Cannabidiol) Rich Cannabis Tincture – Finally

As many of you know, who follow my post, CBD is a cannabinoid neurotransmitter in the same group as THC and dozens other more minor cannabinoids – at least at this point in time. There is little doubt in my mind that many other cannabinoids will find extremely useful places in the anti-tumor and anti-biotic worlds. Stay tune for CBG and others.

In the meantime, let’s expound a bit on CBD. Research sponsored by the NIH and run at UCSF, has shown some very impressive anti-tumor effects of CBD at fairly “low” doses. I quote “low”, because we are still learning what low means and of course how does the dosing translate to humans. Much of the data is still unpublished but suffice it to say, I was stunned. Truly stunned, particularly by the Human Breast Cancer treatment with CBD and how it works. (more in another blog).

Cancer aside, CBD, is a non-psychoactive neurotransmitter that has purported wondrous effects on pain and anxiety. So, a tincture richer in CBD and balanced to varying extents with differing concentrations of THC will lead us to blends of many tinctures more and more specific to different patient problems; also, with or without psycho activity!

So, imagine, a tincture counter where patients could test single doses of varying tinctures under the care of their care-giver and reporting the various effects of the various tinctures. This would not be a true “trial”, but we will gather information. Once a supply of this tincture is available, it will in part be made available through http://projectCBD.com. Let me be very clear. Project CBD can only let you know where these products become available.

As this and other products become available, even for just testing, http://projectCBD.com will be a great resource for all of you.


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13 thoughts on “CBD (Cannabidiol) Rich Cannabis Tincture – Finally

  1. I have a 90 pound dog with seizures. He’s on phenobarb and potassium bromide with limited effect. I’d like to try CBD but I’m unsure of dosage. Can someone help me.

  2. In England, GW Pharmaceuticals makes Sativex, check out Sativex.com. You SHOULD be able to find a doc to just write a prescription in England as one possibility.

    Another option, is http://dixiex.com. They make hemp based extracts. They are not my favorite type of plant medicine, as they are mostly lacking in terpenes AND lacking in any THC, but it is an option and I believe they ship anywhere.

  3. it is any possibility to find a way to get some CBD seed strain her in europe , or may be it’s some one who read this comment and it will help me whit few ones [may be:)]
    my mail it fane_ill@yahoo.com please give me some info .tahank you

  4. This message is to Rusty Covey. You don’t seem to understand the role that dispensaries are supposed to play. They are aptly titled, Rusty. They are there, they in fact exist solely to DISPENSE marijuana to patients. Or customers. Because right now a lot of people that do not really need it medically are signed up, since that is the only legal way to buy, possess, or grow right now, until those assholes finally get around to changing the laws. Well, Rusty, if marijuana was something that you could buy in a pharmacy, what would you be saying? You know there are plenty of behavioral health centers and shit where people can go that have issues. You make it seem like these dispensaries somehow for some reason must include in their efforts group meetings, and counseling? Maybe you should go visit one of these dispensaries, and you will see the few people that do work there are busy with huge amounts of paperwork that federal and state regulations demand, and growing plants, are tending to the wares. At what point do you expect pharmacies and liquor stores to step into the mental health game as well? Why do you feel that is the dispensaries’ responsibility? I think that is why they should go to see a doctor, don’t you? Or, any of the other group meetings and social work centers. The article above is about the incredible healing powers of CBD. And you are talking about introducing counselors into dispensaries. Whatever, Rusty, I do not know where the hell you are coming from with your gripe, but maybe you need to check reality and then calm the fuck down.

  5. One thing is missing from all the things you share on you blogs. A push to get dispensaries to actually show compassion for people living with a mental illness.
    Its easy to give somebody something for free. But, to listen and help people over-come there challenges is something medical marijuana can’t seem to find the room or time.
    I wonder when you will bring notice to the dispensaries to put peer-to-peer support groups in their businesses. “WHAT! Take out plants to let people sit and talk about their problems. How does that make me money.
    Perhaps it time you put that in your blog! Dispensaries failing to complete the business plan to full reach out to help those suffering with a mental illness.

  6. I am so excited about the research in CBD i wish more people were going in this healing direction of certified cannabis medicine. As patients we need products that have effective metered dosage that are pure and organic clean green certified this is important to the healing powers of the Cannabis thank you for your passion!

  7. Hey there, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, excellent blog!

  8. I know that the THC is definitely not the only culprit for my anxiety. I’m sure that my pain, general fear pre/post surgery, severe allergies I just found out I have (which made it impossible to breathe for months constantly in my new place, thank God I found out the culprit of that) have all contributed greatly to my anxiety. Just the THC when vaporized/eaten heightened it greatly, which I was using for my pain. I haven’t used cannabis since the new year, I have been put on oxycodone, naproxen, clonazepam, and symbicort. The oxycodone suppresses my breathing, causes constipation, zombifies, causes sleep apnea, and develops tolerance, the clonazepam zombifies me and contibutes to sleep apnea, tolerance as well, can’t take NSAIDS because of severe gastrointestinal side effects, and the symbicort- the medicine that has improved my breathing SO MUCH causes a terrible yeast infection in my mouth, let alone long term steroidal consequences. After researching CBD for tens of hours I have found it would do all of the said pharmaceuticals jobs- pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even asthma control to the point I wouldn’t need an inhaled steroid possibly! I understand that CBD generally wins at the CB-1 site over THC, so then may I ask, why even put THC in mainly CBD tinctures? Especially if it might only be contributing to side effects such as cognitive issues, dampening the anti-anxiety affect of CBD, and so on? Isn’t CBD powerful enough given it’s biochemical affects and efficacy in treating many illnesses on it’s own? I’m sure I might not even notice the negative affects of THC, in a mainly CBD tincture, I guess just if there is a pure CBD tincture out there I’d love to try it too! I will call you tomorrow Dr about where you know of quality CBD rich tinctures in the socal area, and if no one can currently compete with Alta California (cbdscience.org) given their powerful, consistent tinctures, with a 4:1 ratio CBD to THC (which seems pretty CBD rich comparatively). Unfortunately they are in Norcal and you mentioned tinctures should not be made with alcohol for some reason. Talk to you tomorrow!

  9. The anxiety you are feeling is not entirely just from the THC. There are strains of cannabis which cause anxiety and some that decrease anxiety with the exact same level of THC. In general, for whatever reason, Indica strains are in general more the culprit than Sativa strains. That said, the simplest way to avoid the anxiety caused by the cannabis is to avoid smoking and even vaporizing. I would strongly suggest, of course, to entirely avoid any and all edibles. Tinctures will be, in my opinion, the best way to medicate. There are some CBD containing tinctures hitting the market. They WILL have some THC in them, and that is fine. CBD and THC compete for the cannabinoid CB-1 receptor and generally the CBD wins. Check out http://projectcbd.org for locations and strains that contain CBD.

    If you live in Los Angeles. Come by or give me a call and we can speak further. REMEMBER, you do NOT have to get rid of all the THC. :)

  10. I have constant generalized, very debilitating anxiety (caused mostly by THC!), scoliosis, chronic neck and back pain, I am recovering from kidney surgery, and experience some psychotic symptoms from my cannabis use (THC use). I know that CBD is a strong anti inflammatory, anxiolytic, and anti-psychotic. If CBD was made in a pure, (NO THC!) tincture form I would be able to naturally live my life! -not having to worry about my pain and anxiety and only using a plant with very little or no side effects. Best of all I wouldn’t have to get high! I’m literally waiting for the day CBD in a pure, tincture form hits the market. My prayers will be answered.

  11. Insomnia, anxiety (occasional panic attacks with nausea & racing heart), bone pain–any of which alone or part of the interwoven net they present in my immunity issue are tightening “their” grip. ( I was diagnosed with chronic neutropenia over 5 years ago –& it’s been worsening since 2009) Oh yes a tincture–ideally one we can make at home- lessening just one —at least the insomnia the “Queen” of them all for me— will be a blessing for many of us. I’m NOT interested in getting ‘high’..or in my case “higher” than what I feel the beauty of nature & people offers all of us when we show up aware & open -hearted. Harder for us to do, however, when exhausted, etc.
    In gratitude & blessings for your untiring investigations, research, etc (and that of others)

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