Update On CBD Rich Cannabis Tinctures

I thought it was overdue to share more of my experiences with CBD rich cannabis tinctures. I am actually still not certain what in fact CBD Rich means, but am fine with adapting Project CBD’s definition. A CBD rich tincture is one that has at least 4 mg of CBD/cc. I would love to hear any ideas regarding to all the new nomenclature of this new world of cannabis medicine.

Last week there was a period when the production and availability of these tinctures was in question. When I thought what that would mean for me as a cannabis physician, I was both happy and sad. I was happy that this truly new world has opened up for patients. Truly amazing. However, it became clear to me that if these wonderful new medications were to cease, I don’t think I could do the recommendations any more. I would not be sure what to even discuss with patients. I guess I have perhaps painted myself into a corner, however I think I would in fact do something different. There are many things to do in this world, but signing “recs” without truly believing the patient was being cheated out of the best medicine would be difficult and painful.

These balanced THC/CBD tinctures, where the CBD is at least 4 mg/cc, are truly amazing. Altered mental status is rare and anxiety, pain, neuritis, irritable colon, PMS, chronic neurological disorders, tumor suppression, appetite suppression……..more and more

This is almost 100% of the time achieve with 2 mg of CBD twice daily. It feels so good to be able to tell someone an actual dose. I know this is frowned upon, but there is that old Hippocratic oath. Right? Doesn’t that obligate me to share any/all information I deem helpful to a patient? How could it be otherwise.

Let’s not forget, the Feds patented CBD in 2003 as discussed in several prior blogs. How can they really say CBD is horrible? How can anyone say that any caring physician would not want to help his patients find the best medicine for them? Nothing else makes any sense to me.

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2 thoughts on “Update On CBD Rich Cannabis Tinctures

  1. Please consider calling my office for a consultation at 310-393-0640. We help a number of patients with this and other conditions. If you are a California State Resident we can do the initial consult in person. If out of state, or just wish information, you can also setup a phone “information only” phone consult.

  2. I suffer from insomnia and anxiety and I would love to try 4mg CBD. Nothing else has worked and I’m at wits end.

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