Simpson Oil. Cancer Cure??

I just received this email from a patient, responded to her and decided to post my feelings on the “Simpson Oil”. Here is the patient question and my response:


Dr. Frankel, I was wondering if you did any research on rick simpson’s hemp oil . I read so much good things but never from local doctors around here. Thank you

My Response:
I have had a number of contacts with this product and have sadly watched nearly a dozen patients die while using the oil. I am not saying the oil hurt them in any way, but it certainly didn’t help them. I can’t even say they felt better and there were a few patients who sacrificed the cannabis they loved and had felt better with.

I am saying that it has frankly never made sense to me that this should be a “cure for cancer”. The majority of people making this form of hash, which is all that it is, somehow believe they are creating an anti cancer product and are now even making claims – at times – that it is the CBD, or cannabidiol, in the oil that is helping the cancer.

I have had it tested a number of times to confirm, but there is no CBD in any production oil I have tested. The products I have seen are so rough that testing and even using the very gooey stuff is impossible.

For this reason, I would rather see a patient take a lot of CBD directly through a tincture, spend the same money perhaps, but end up with at least a product that is being supported in part by the National Cancer Institute.

I do not like to see the “Simpson” oil climb on the back of CBD, as ultimately, at least in my opinion, the Simpson Oil Will be shown not be very helpful. Of course I could be wrong, but for now, this is my position. Again, I am a huge fan of CBD and have encouraged some patients to use larger mg of CBD for their cancer; here I still feel on shaky grounds, but at least am following the mainstream science.

So, there. That is a whole lot more than I thought I would write. I think I will just go ahead and turn this into a blog.

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9 thoughts on “Simpson Oil. Cancer Cure??

  1. I see a fair number of SLE patients. It would be best to schedule a time either in person or over the phone if you are not local. We can discuss the details of your particular illness, decide what extracts might be best and then discuss various ways to obtain the correct “extract”, dose it, modify the dose as needed, etc

  2. I have Lupus. I have been investigating the use of CBD oil (not Rick Simpson Oil) as treatment for the symptoms I experience with SLE. Could you please offer any information on dosage. I have scoured the internet and have found recommendations of dosages ranging from 1 mg to 1 g. It’s difficult to discern a practical and responsible approach. Any assistance you may offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Aileen

  3. Has anyone seen any results for Neroendocrine tumors (Steve Jobs). I have one and it is stable but really looking for something to shrink it so I can have surgery to remove. Hopefully someone has seen something.
    I pray,
    Thank you,

  4. Wow. You really have your facts wrong and you are a tad more insulting than you needed to be. I will post your “rant” and I am responding below.

    To begin with, I have no idea what you are speaking about. There is a lot of data showing that excessively high doses of THC/CBD can have inverse benefits. This has been shown for years at UCSD when using smoked THC for pain. The same is being found all over the European Medical Literature.

    I have watched people die all my life and I am strongly in favor of anything that can improve health. If you took the time to read more of what I have written, perhaps you would not be so critical. I am NOT saying that cannabis cannot help cancer. I see patients where options of doses of CBD/THC/Whole plant medicine for their cancers and many other diseases are the entire topic of discussion.

    I am a STRONG supporter of medical cannabis; as strong as any physician. Just because you believe it is a “cure for certain” and I am hopeful but not certain, does not need to make us enemies. If you just hate all doctors and all medicine, then there is not much to say.

    I left “straight” internal medicine 7 years ago to make a sharp left turn to hopefully avoid using a number of pharmaceutical agents that I felt were not healthy and have always felt that cannabis is a miracle.

    So, we are both very strong supporters of the plant and the cause. We both are very optimistic that cannabis will play a large role in many diseases, as it already is, but we disagree on the DOSE!!

    I know that cannabis is safe. I also have watched the movie and do help patients obtain high THC or high CBD simpson oil when that is what they want.. I just tell them that I personally believe the dose is too high. This is NOT just my opinion.

    We don’t know for sure what ratios/forms/dose of cannabis is best but all of us can contribute to learning more. At this point, as I have in fact seen a number of patients die both on dosed extracts and the “Simpson” doses, I can’t say it is a cure. On the other hand, I have seen some cancers appear to have tremendous benefits from cannabinoid medicine. A LOT more research needs to be done.

    I am afraid it is angry people such as yourself that alienate so many others and slow down progress. Why not CONSIDER a more “balanced” position? I am not slowly down progress, I am doing research as a physician and lost my license for two years defending my right to use and recommend cannabis. It cost me my house. I am very committed to this cause and doing my best.

    If you are still so certain you are right about everything, why not open a debate here in my blog? I would be happy to have you respond to what I am writing. I LOT of people will see that I posted your venomous comments and am openly responding. Let’s keep the “facts” line open, as we just don’t know it all – at least I know I don’t.

  5. This statement by one who claims to be a “medical practitioner” is especially troubling & revealing: “sadly watched nearly a dozen patients die while using the oil. I am not saying the oil hurt them in any way, but it certainly didn’t help them”.

    A couple questions: how valid would a study be which involved 12 people? Further, at what stage did these people begin their tincture regimen AND what other death cocktails were they taking at the same time? Your response is a straw man, and a weak one at that.

    It is repugnant that you can offer your medical “expertise” when it is based in deceit, politics and/or woeful ignorance of the reality of what is going on with cannabis, vaccines and the food. For a terse history lesson, I’d start with Morgan timber and the pharmaceutical industry, the same pharmaceutical industry which funds the medical schools and hospitals and decides on the official MONEY MAKING protocol, morals and ethics be damned.

    Lastly, watch Rick Simpson’s video called Run From The Cure. The results are undeniable and only a lying shill would say otherwise.

    “Safety: Numerous studies have been conducted to determine marijuana’s toxic level: they have concluded that it would take 20,000 to 40,000 times the normal dose to induce death (Institute of Medicine, 1982: Randall, 1988). Another way of stating this would be that a person would have to ingest (or inhale) 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes. After studying all the evidence, the judge in DPF v. DEA #92-1179 and ACT v. DEA #92-1168 found marijuana to be “one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man” (Randall, 1989, p. 440). He continued. “One must reasonably conclude that there is accepted safety for use of marijuana under medical supervision. To conclude otherwise, on the record, would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious” (Randall, 1989, p. 444).”

  6. Thank you so much for all the information. The only thing I can say regarding the dosable cannabis extracts that are made locally with rich cbd whole plants is that we know precisely how much cbd/thc and major terpenes are in every spray. It seems that with using whole plant extracts 2 mg of CBD + other constituents of the plant including all cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavanoids, etc is a great doese twice daily for anxiety, modest mood disorders, insomnia and many mild pain syndromes. For more serious pain syndromes we are using a higher does in 2 oz of water every AM. We have not gone over 10 mg of CBD in whole plant, so far, but are exploring all options we can think of.

  7. Activating Cannabinoid Receptors
    April 2012

    Cannabinoid therapy appears to works marvelously for some, and yet others fail to respond.

    Whilst it is critical to consider cannabinoid content as a factor in this (i.e. – Is there enough Cannabidiol (CBD) in your extract? Etc. Another mitigating detail lies within if ones cannabinoid receptors are activated or not.

    Methylation has been proven to deactivate CB receptors, and this appears particularly prevalent within cancers of the stomach, colon1 and breast.

    If methylation can create such an unwanted and critical scenario during cannabinoid therapy, then those undergoing cannabinoid therapy should look to include demethylating2 agents into their regime.

    These include; Green Tea, FeverFew and Annurca Apples3
    Green Tea is particularly useful as it can also naturally create Anti-Angiogenesis4

    Another area that should be explored is within the use of Phenolic Oils.

    Phenols and Phenylpropanoids are compounds of carbon-ring molecules incorporating on isoprene unit. They are sometimes called hemiterpenes. There are dozens of varieties of phenylpropanoids. They are found in Clove (90%), Cassia (80%), Basil (75%), Cinnamon (73%), Oregano (60%), Anise (50%), and Peppermint (25%).

    While they can create conditions where unfriendly viruses and bacteria cannot live, the most important function performed by phenylpropanoids is that they clean the receptor sites on the cells. Without clean receptor sites cells cannot communicate, and the body malfunctions, resulting in sickness.

    David Stewart, PhD, DNM also suggests in his book ‘The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple’ – that phenolic oils can clean receptor sites.

    Prof. Dr. Jürg Gertsch of the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Switzerland conducted a brilliant research paper5 looking for Phytocannabinoids beyond cannabis.

    Prof Jürg Gertsch was kind enough to suggest the essential oil of Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) due to its terpenoid content, as a way to activate CB receptors, based on some preliminary research he has conducted.


  8. This ministry has been investigating Rick Simpson oil since the first release of the video ‘Run from the Cure’ was first becoming available in the summer of 2008. We have absolutely confirmed credible reports of healing Crohn’s Disease, Hepatitis C, prostrate and skin cancers. However, the only effective instances recorded were with Cannabis Indica extracts which contain acceptable levels of CBD’s. We have also found credible reports of healing internal cancers of the stomach with a mixture of cannabis indica hash oil (Rick Simpson Oil) at one (1) gram per 90% coco butter chocolate 1-2 oz & 1/8 teaspoon of Cassia (Chinese Cinnamon) or regular grocery store cinnamon taken DAILY. WARNING Cannabis sativa extracts DO NOT contain acceptable levels of CBD’s. Rick Simpson oil is an effective curative when made from cannabis indica but at the end of the day, it is like the good doctor is saying here, this is just raw medicine without no means of quality control. This ministry is curious on the effect of mixing the good doctors preparation with coco butter chocolate and cassia for internal cancers as the CB1 and CB2 receptors are reported to have become blocked in colon and stomach cancers. Means are needed to cleanse these receptors for effective phytocannabinoid therapy and seemingly this form of cinnamon in preparation is reported effective with Rick Simpson oil (cannabis indica).

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