Highless Marijuana Or….Rich CBD?

For anyone reading my blog or familiar with CBD or Cannabidiol, knows that this “highless” stuff is just rich CBD flowers and extracts. I still keep laughing when I read more and more articles claiming this to be some conspiracy. Many of us are quite aware that the conspiracy has been precisely the opposite; the federal government holds many cannabinoid and specifically cannabidiol patents.

There will be an announcement in the next couple of weeks over a VERY rich CBD strain going through final testing in Los Angeles. If it proves to be what a number of us are hoping for, we will have our own highless marijuana. Of course, we will still have Bubba Kush. In fact, I just smoked some Bubba Kush. Rich THC is not just about getting high. Despite having had a lot of experience with rich CBD medications in my practice, it is not uncommon for me to add dosed THC to a patient’s medical cannabis regimen.

I generally start with at least a 2:1 ratio of CBD in treating patients. For most patients, this is in fact highless. If/when the patients do need something additional, I am finding that adding < 1 mg THC twice daily is enough to change how a patient feels.

It is possible, I am anxiously waiting to test this, that this new “mystery” strain will be so low in THC that it will not test positive in routine drug testing. The arithmetic shows that those patients using the VERY rich CBD extract would in fact be taking less than 0.5 mg THC PER 24 HOURS!!

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