Email From Multiple Sclerosis Patient Taking Rich CBD

Posted below in italics is one of the first patent responses to their first day on tthe 21:1 Rich CBD Extract. He is a 61 y/o male with multiple sclerosis who describes his first day on rich CBD: (My response follows)

Hi Dr. Frankel,

I received my medicine today. I immediately took two sprays at 9:15am. At 11am, I felt the pain subside. By noon, I was able to do a sit to stand transfer from bed to wheelchair without the usual clonus that I experience after I land in the chair. I felt relief until about 3pm. I decided to take one spray at 5:30pm; waited about 35 minutes, and felt no relief, so I took another spray. Then, in about 30 minutes, I felt the pain and tightness ease. When I did my leg exercises with a motorized machine, from 7:15 to 8:30. I was able to do so at pace I had not done before without any spastic reaction.

Going to bed brings on the worst of the day’s spasticity. The legs always tighten painfully as the feet twist from the contractions. Instead of enduring this very painful period, I took another two sprays at 10:15. About a half hour later, the legs were tight, but with only minor spasms. Another benefit I experienced was more mental clarity, and I did not have the normal mental fatigue that usually comes as the day wears on. This is an amazing first day!

I am wondering if this regularity of every five hour/2 sprays would be considered the norm for the severity of my condition and weather this is okay for me to do?

Overall, we are thrilled with this. It is surreal to think that for the past two years I lived with daily excruciating pain and spasticity. Then, in one day, I have seen a significant change in my life. Is this really happening? Will this last? Will this get better? Is there a way to make it better with regard to relieving the muscle tightness (as the legs are still very stiff and immovable.)

I will look forward to your feedback, and I will let you know how I slept! Boy oh boy… will I really be able to sleep tonight for more than 3 hours? I am keeping my spray bottle bedside!
Oh, and yes doctor you are right… Laila is awesome… and so are you, and the medicine and this whole experience!!

Thanks again for everything!

Hi Jeff,

Great start!! I actually didn’t expect this much effect from the spray dose. So keeping fingers crossed…you should do very well. Few points:

1. You CANNOT over medicate. I suppose if you took many times more than you are taking that you MIGHT get some odd feelings, like “out of body”, but even these are generally better than the “in body” experiences patients have every day.

2. We need to begin giving you the medicine orally starting tomorrow. No emergency, just no reason to wait.

3. So, starting tomorrow, after breakfast, spray 5 sprays into two oz of water. Mix it and drink it down. Then put another oz or so of water or juice into the same cup and drink again to be sure to get all the medicine. After this, take a third couple of oz to flush all the med into your stomach.

4. generally, a once/day dose is ultimately very adequate, but the 5 sprays is probably not enough.

5. If you do not have an adequate effect from 5 sprays which = 5 mg whole plant CBD and < 0.2 mg THC, then every two days increase the spray dose by 1 spray.

6. in the beginning, until we get the “perfect” oral dose, feel free to use one spray every 4 hours to supplement how you feel. As you go up with the daily spray in water, you will soon not need to do the spray thing.

We are considering making “capsules”, but I just can’t imagine that some of the “terpene” and alkaloid meds won’t get lost in trying to dry it out enough to get into and stay in a capsule. Anyway, I think this is a better way to titrate the patient.

This WILL continue. There is no tolerance with CBD and MS, at least according to GW Pharma. In my experience, it is much more common for patients to decrease their dose over time.


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