Idrasil, One of Many New Cannabinoid Medications That Falls Short

As a physician, I have never in 34 years been called “ignorant” by any drug salesperson. Today, over the phone, I was told by a senior staff person at C3 Collective, which makes Idrasil, that I was ignorant and needed to understand how the chemistry of cannabinoids work. I was also informed that I didn’t know how to process medication for testing. The reason he is so upset is that I don’t like them, their product nor their ridiculous claims that all major insurance companies will reimburse for their cannabinoid product. I have seen this twice before in my seven years in this business. Both times, the insurance claims were bogus and people were prosecuted. Just because checks come in from insurance companies for the “Idrasil”, does not in any way mean that the insurance companies really know what they are paying for.

I have asked the C3 folks for a visit to Blue Shield to meet with executives there on several occasions. They just insist that the checks from the insurance company are adequate. I don’t accept this. If these guys want to convince us that their medication is any good, they need to prove it.

I recently came into possession of several of the Idrasil pills and sent them off to two different labs; one in N Cal and one in S Cal. In both cases, the amount of active cannabinoids was no where close to their claims. I also personally ingested a tablet and had no CBD effect whatsoever. When a person ingests CBD orally, there is a very distinctive feeling in the lateral areas of ones brain, as the receptors for CBD are in a different location than THC. I felt no THC nor CBD effect.

Idrasil also has CBN inside. CBN is a breakdown product of THC and has minimal if any known benefit. No other company in the world is promoting that 1/3 of their cannabinoids are CBN. It, like the Calcium in the tablet, are fillers in my opinion.

I was asked by the Idrasil representative to be given the chance to explain to me my serious ignorance. He also wants to tell me why my writing is so poor. Well, I am happy to meet this person, but only in a public area where there can be clear public documentation and recording of what is said. Perhaps a collective would offer a platform? In addition, I will not meet privately with someone much, much taller than myself whom I had to hang up on, as he was screaming at me. Scary guy, scary company, useless medication.

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12 thoughts on “Idrasil, One of Many New Cannabinoid Medications That Falls Short

  1. Clearly we have a difference of opinion. How about making an appointment with me, no charge, and we can debate this and film it. We can also debate over skype. I will not comment on your harsh words.

    If you believe what you are saying, please confront me publicly.

  2. After reading Idrasil’s response to this article (, I had to read Dr. Frankenstein’s article. I have personally benefited from Idrasil for over a year for my fibromyalgia when nothing else seemed to work. I have been able to drop the neurontin, effexor, and even the Klonopin that I was addicted to for over 10 years. I can now sleep at night and wake up in the morning full of energy. And the best part is, there are no lingering side effects.

    Thanks Idrasil!

  3. Considering that nearly nobody in the cannabis science world is actively working with CBN, it is POSSIBLE, that you have an agenda. Also, generally I don’t receive such toxic and ignorant emails. I will assume you are someone related to Steele or Idrasil.

    As you believe CBN is a miracle, can you please help inform me as to where to obtain it, other than old crappy weed. Also, please educate me on the dose.

    Do you also believe that all the kids with seizure disorders being treated by myself and others with CBD should be switched to CBN? Really?

    So, if you are just not a bag of wind:
    1. Give me the names of the products that contain significant CBN so I can try them myself
    2. Steele has personally told us that CBN was removed from their product? Why?

  4. CBN.. is very medicinal.. anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, Stimulates recruitment of quiescent mesenchymal stem cells in marrow, promoting bone formation.. and more.

    seems you could learn to read a bit more about cannabinoids. :P

    you even talked about the entourage effect and ref. ethan russo.. .. but i’m supposed to believe you are a doctor?? you didn’t even read the materials..

    you know very little about cannabinoids.. and CBN is amazing!

  5. Well, I have been accused of some things, but never of “discounting the benefits of the cannabis plant”. My entire life is dedicated to working with the cannabis plant.

    I have grown and continue to grow genetics and study the plant.
    I write blogs about improving cannabis medicines, at least one weekly.
    I am writing a “Treatment Plant” guide for physicians on cannabis medicine

    I could go on and on. I assume you are someone related to this “gentleman”. I never slammed HIM. He called me a quack and I posted this comment; that is his opinion.

    The medicine, Idrasil, that he represents, is just garbage. The formulation is lied about and he lies and he is toxic to the cannabis world. He has been thrown out of
    meetings on more than one occasion.

    I do study cannabis and I am very serious about it. Our “friend” is not.

  6. Dr. Frankel,
    Please do don’t discount the benefits of the cannabis plant based on a rude cooperate sales person working for a sales commission. Look at the claimed results and then demand a clinical trial to determine the medical use of cannabis if you feel a study would be merited, Look at or start with the , “Rick Simpson ” story; go from there. You are a scientist being a medical doctor. Who cares what the self righteous salesman , even though he is right about cannibis’s healing properties, said or did. He is only selling his product. I know nothing about his copyrighted product. It does not matter. Those godly genetics will survive.

  7. Thank you. You are the first person to comment. Comments don’t get automatically posted as I have to clear them and decide if I will respond. With VERY rare exception, I post everything. Michael Steele’s comments were amazing.

    He has crashed presentations and lectures I have given. He has been thrown out of numerous meetings and I have no clue as to what company would want this level of representation.

    My mother, many years ago told me, don’t argue with people whom you do not respect. She was ALMOST always correct. :)

  8. I’m glad you left the quack comment up because it underscores the shadiness of Idrasil and the company who makes it.

    A real company doesn’t jump on a blog and make legal threats with grade school writing abilities and non sequitur logic.

  9. We, in the industry need to self regulate and make sure we do not promote any thing that could bring harm or scandal to the medical cannabis movement as well as its patients. We need to be aware that the cannabis industry because of its lack of regulations and possible huge profits, attract not only dedicated healers, honest entrepreneurs and hard working farmers but also con men, rip offs and gangsters. We need honest, independent consumer testing of products like vaporizers and most importantly all cannabis medicines must be lab tested, by scientists in a real lab, not by a salesman in his kitchen. Any promises about insurance coverage ( as with Idrasil ) must be backed up by more than a cancelled check. It should be a verifiable, signed, statement on a insurance company’s letterhead stating that, Idrasil prescriptions, a cannabis based medicine without FDA approval is eligible for reimbursement.

  10. Dr. Frankel is a Quack. He refuses to set up an appointment with any Insurance company, for that matter. He wants us to teach him the billing process of which he should be aware. His claims about his tests are fraudulent and need to be proven Any more slander from Dr Frankel will result in a lawsuit.

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