Hemp Products From Dixie, Is It Really “Hemp”

I recently purchased two 25 mg CBD capsules from these guys. No medical anything and they shipped two capsules to me last week. The two capsules with shipping was around $37. I tried one of them and it did have a great CBD effect. I just got the lab results and it contained 23.5 mg CBD and 1 mg THC. So, this is really a pretty awesome medication. I am not saying anything negative about the medication. It seems good.

My issue, is how in the world is this legal? I know that CBD is off Schedule I and is floating somewhere, but the feds seem to have made it clear that CBD is not legal. So, this new argument of this being from “hemp” seems to be of questionable distinction . Again, regardless….a nice CBD medication.

I was getting some new AC-DC rich plants tested today. We are testing the new 3 wk old leas as this tells us if we are on tract or not. The CBD:THC ratio for a plant begins very early in life and seems to remain very steady  through to whole harvested plant. Obviously the AMOUNT of CBD is not as predictable, but the ratio, at least in our experience is very predictable.

So, follow me here. A typical hemp plant has around 0.3% THC by weight and perhaps 3.5% CBD. So, not a lot of THC. However, the ratio, is 11:1. This is typical hemp.

The capsule, as with the new AC:DC strain we tested today, when you look at it, have exactly the same CBD:THC ratio. I have never heard of a hemp plant with these numbers and this coincidence of strain on the market and capsule on the market, combined with the questionable ratios, makes me think that the new capsule is perhaps made from this AC-DC or similar “marijuana” product.

So, now what is hemp?? Is it based upon how it looks? It’s fiber content? It’s THC “limit”??

Would someone consider the growing of a 24:1 plant as hemp?

The capsule is cool however I question where the CBD comes from and the wild coincidence of their capsule CBD:THC being 24.

Does anyone out there have test results on this MedicalMarijuanainc product?

Does anyone know if the amount of THC in hemp is generally <0.15  If there is a lot of hemp out there with <0.1% THC, I will have to recant this blog.

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