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Blog Comment Regarding Making a TIncture

I don’t often do this, but I am just going to paste into this blog a comment I received regarding tincture manufacturing efforts. One of the most critical issues in making a tincture is to be able to measure how thorough the decarboxylation of THC is. In other words, with the heating how much THC-A is converted to THC. In a tincture, this is one of the most critical points. So, here it is:

“I have found if I use a Carnival strain (80%) Sativa and cure properly, then freeze to get extra dry, then preheat oven to 325F and break into small pieces and put into oven on foil sheet (not cookie sheet) for ex actually 5 minutes. This causes decarbox. Then I soak for 20 minutes in EtOh (everclear) and put bud/ethanol mixture in jar and boil (actually keeping it below the boil) for 20 minutes in hot water bath while mixture is separate from water. Then strain through a non-bleached coffee filter- I get a tincture that I store in brown lightproof dropper bottles that works well. I can get 15 six hour doses with only 3.5 grams of bud. Its the most efficient way I have found. I make chocolates the same way- but MUST decarbox in oven or vaporizer first or it doesn’t work well at all.”

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Thank you. I am a long term pain pill user and I want to try other avenues to help with the pain. I’ve recently noticed that the way I am medicating myself is (smoking) is giving me a sore throat and causing me to cough. No medical use in my state, so I need to find other ways to medicate.
Please, what is your opinion on products like JWH-018? Are there any other products that give a Sativa effect? Thank you for your time.
Dave Hockman


check out cannabis tinctures or hard candies that you can suck on. they should be sativa based and not swallowed – just absorbed in the mouth.

Good Luck.


Thank u for this. Does this increase the CBS levels? Or am I missing another step?

Allan Frankel
August 17, 2011 3:57 pm

Sorry, but I don’t understand the question?


When do I do this if I’m using the cold extraction method?

Allan I Frankel, MD http://greenbridgemed.com
January 31, 2012 8:20 am

Regardless of how you extract the medicine from the plant material, the cannabinoids MUST be decarboxylated or “activated” in order to be psychoactive. Heat over time is the only way to do this.

It is possible that if you make a sun tincture, that the weeks in the warm sun will be at least partially effective. The ONLY way to really know how effective your method is, is to get the extracted tincture to a cannabis lab, such as the WercShop in Pasadena.

Good luck,

Allan I Frankel, MD


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