Dr. Frankel's Journal


August 1, 2014
Allan Frankel, MD

I have now seen approximately seven patients with Cerebral Palsy. These patients, as we are well aware of, are patients subjected to birth trauma.

They can present in many different ways, but in general, their cerebral function is entirely normal but they are debilitated to varying degrees depending upon which and how many spinal nerves were damaged during the birth.

So, these patients have “upper neuronal tract” injuries and present with decreased movement and significant spasticity.

One would think that treating them as we would treat them with CBD/THC would be similar to treating multiple sclerosis and it’s spasticity. However, I have found that a number of different doses and combinations of CBD/THC are useful in these patients.

The outcome results, I believe, are threefold:

1. Reduction in spasticity. This improves over time, sometimes with primarily CBD and sometimes with a balance of the two.
2. Increased mobility, which is probably in part related to decreased spasticity and sometimes due to direct muscle relaxation
3. Marked decrease in their general anxiety level and “performance anxiety”. As I have stated in other blogs, helping young children or adults with performance often can be in large part
accomplished by decreasing their anxiety with CBD.

Anyone have other experiences with CP??