This is one page I have had to update and now finally re-write, as treatments using Medical Cannabis for anxiety and insomnia have changed a lot.

I mention insomnia together with anxiety because as we are all aware, they are closely related. When anxiety worsens during the day, the sleep problem is often manifested as difficulty staying asleep. Medically, it is called EMA or Early Morning Awakening. It is so painful for patients to be anxious, exhausted and waking up when it is still dark. By dealing with anxiety during the day, the insomnia just gets much better.

The problem, as an Internist, with the complexity of having to deal with daytime anxiety and/or sleep disturbances related to anxiety, is that common tranquilizers and “SSRI” type drugs have a lot of side effects and are largely addicting.

Further, both the smoking issue itself has always plagued using cannabis during the day as well as the patient always taking the chance he/she will get stoned. So, the ultimate solution needs to be:

1. Non-Smoking
2. Non-psychoactive

The solution is finally here from a number of collectives in the State of California. Dosed CBD or Cannabidiol Rich Whole Plant Extracts. These are strains of cannabis that do rarely occur naturally in nature, but have to a large degree been bred out, as they have no psychoactivity.

As the value of CBD rich plants has become very clear in recent years, there are a number of collectives that now grow and create CBD rich Extracts of varying ratios of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, 90 or so others) creating whole plant extracts that can be taken orally or sublingually.

Just two mg of whole plant rich CBD taken under the tongue twice daily is generally enough to treat anxiety. I would suggest making certain that for a PURE anxiety state without much depression,  the lowest amount of THC is generally best.

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  1. There are now capsules available with the same numbers. I would try using a “Capsule #2″ in the AM. That might be enough medication for the entire day. So far the experience has been very positive.

  2. Hello Alan,
    We spoke during a consultation a while back regarding my anxiety/depression/ADD.
    I tried Statewide Collective’s 8:1 and it was good, but I am hoping to curb my symptoms further. The prospect of any psychoactive experience makes me feel uneasy, but perhaps a tiny amount would be OK if I start slow… In your experience, would you suggest someone with those symptoms try a higher CBD ratio or something with slightly more THC? Thank you for all you do.

  3. We have a lot of experience in using CBD and other cannabinoids for treating Anxiety and mood disorders. I would suggest calling our offices for a phone consultation at 310-393-0640.

  4. Actually there is pharmaceutical CBD in the UK through GW Pharma. It is a 1:1 CBD:THC extract and is used primarily for MS, however it is effective for many with anxiety. In general I prefer a CBD product with less THC in it for anxiety.

    It may very well be worthwhile to have a 60 minute phone consultation with me. I speak with many patients around the world and with more details, I am often able to suggest good products to use. Call my office at:

  5. I’ve read a great deal about the benefits of CBD for anxiety, but cannot source any in the U.K.. Is it currently only available in the USA?

  6. My depression is caused by my anxiety.
    I use to take a product called cbd7 and with two pills in the morning and two around 3 pm I was able to function. Sometimes I didnt take any in the afternoon because I felt so positive from the momentum created from the morning pills.
    I can not find it at any of the dispensaries anymore, and I could never get anyone to sell it to me in wholesale or give me a contact where I could buy it in wholesale.
    Why is there so much greed with the dispensaries?
    Im planning on growing this year for the first time out of frustration. Im getting a cbd rich strain of Charlotte’s web and plan on using it only for tea.
    I notice that making tea with any kind of cannabis shake provides a completely different effect, so I hope having a cbd strain will help me even more. I don’t like smoking it, unlike most people it doesn’t calm me, even indicas make me hyper and I end up working out to get rid of the energy.
    what ratio would you recommend in regards to the sprays.
    Do you recommend any product?
    I honestly believe cbd is holy grail for treating anxiety and lot safer with less side effects then ssri’s.

  7. Both CBD and THC can be helpful with treating anxiety. For most patients, CBD alone in very low doses is adequate for anxiety. The depressive side is more difficult to predict. I have seen many patients entire mood shift with primarily CBD but it is not uncommon for those patients to require some THC.

    In general, I would start with something like a 4:1 ratio of CBD:THC and start low and go slow.

  8. In the case of someone who has both chronic anxiety and bouts of depression, would high CBD with low THC make depression issues worse? How can depression and anxiety issues both be treated using medical cannabis on a person who does not want the psychoactive effects of the medicine?

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