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On Diabetes Alert Day it is fitting to discuss not only attempts at managing the disease, but also contributing factors and other conditions related to the disease.

Diabetes Alert Day

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For some time I have been recommending whole plant cannabis CBD for patients with Diabetes. We have seen a substantial lowering of their glucose levels in those with Type II Diabetes including several patients’ Hemoglobin A1C levels normalize so they are able to stop their Type II Diabetes medications.

The first time I saw this with a Diabetic, he called me after having some hypoglycemic episodes while taking CBD in addition to his Metformin. I told him to stop his Metformin and continue his CBD. His glucose levels normalized and he remained off Metformin. This is a good demonstration of blood sugar control over a three-month period. With any patient with Type II Diabetes, I “warn” them about this.

With regard to cholesterol, Diabetes can raise “bad” cholesterol levels and lower “good” cholesterol levels. Once a patients blood sugar levels are stable, if they are on a statin I will often discuss with the patient and their primary care doc, the idea of stopping the statin and monitoring their cholesterol levels. The drop in cholesterol is not overnight. It can take some months for reasons we don’t yet understand. However, we are seeing improvements in cholesterol levels and many patients remain off their statins.

We have also seen improvements ranging from apparent stabilization of macular degeneration and help with neuropathic pain. Sometimes combined with THC, CBD is a vascular and renal protectant.

Finally with regard to weight and Diabetes, there is certainly a connection to being overweight and the onset of Diabetes. I have written about the effect of CBD on curbing appetite before. The ability to achieve weight loss with CBD is real.

So, when discussing CBD and Diabetes, it is a multipronged approach. Helping patients with weight, cholesterol and glucose issues. I believe this is all happening on a number of metabolic levels, such as bringing the sensitivity of insulin back to normal.

So, help with many major issues resulting from, and associated with diabetes can be achieved with CBD. For certain, it is worth a try.


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Hi, I was just wondering if you could help me find the study your decision to recommend whole plant cannabis CBD for patients with Diabetes was based on. Can you point me in the right direction? Kind regards.

Kevin Riggs
May 3, 2017 1:41 am

That is perfect. Sorry I didn’t think to look there myself. Thank you, Doctor!


How to take it? what form?


common doc …please tell me how is it taken… pill, injection or how? is it legal?

Allan Frankel, MD
May 8, 2017 1:12 pm

It can be taken orally or under the tongue. I have seen a number of patients stuck on seboxone. Call my office and we can see when we can help out

Sherry Harrell
June 3, 2017 10:29 pm

Do I have to live in California for you to see me? I live in Arknasas and I am willing to travel.

Allan Frankel, MD
June 8, 2017 5:41 pm

We can start with an educational phone call before travelling. Even if you end up coming out here, you will be much better prepared. 310-393-0640


You mentioned specifically about the effects of CBD on lowering glucose levels in Type II diabetics. Do you know of any research that demonstrates if full spectrum CBD is effective in Type 1.5 diabetes? I’m still pre-diabetic at this point, but this is the direction my functional medicine dr feels that I’m going. I really want to do something that will make an impact on my glucose levels before my A1c gets to the diabetic range and I don’t really know of anything else to try!

Allan Frankel, MD
June 14, 2017 4:30 pm

I dont’ know what “Type 1.5 Diabetes” is.

Regardless, if you are pre diabetic, FOR SURE I would use whole plant CBD as a preventive. I would NOT use or even consider hemp based CBD. If you can buy the CBD you have in any store, without a license, it is hemp and you can do a lot better.

We have seen many, many patients using a fairly low dose of whole plant CBD (again, NOT HEMP). Generally after a few months the A1C will start falling. It takes months in large part because the A1C is a measure of the average of the blood sugar over the prior 100 days


Thank you Doctor for your quick reply! I’ve worked in Healthcare myself for many years and had never heard of Type 1.5 diabetes either until my doctor told me about it. He said that Type 1.5 diabetes is a non-official term that is sometimes used to refer to a form of type 1 diabetes known as Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA). I had to do some research to learn more about it. Overall I’m in good health, thin, vegetarian and I exercise regularly so there are no lifestyle factors that I need to change. That’s why my dr felt that if my glucose continued to rise that I fit this category of diabetes. That’s scary because type 1.5 diabetes is an autoimmune disease like type 1 diabetes and will almost certainly require insulin therapy at some point in the future.

Your comments really got me thinking. My A1C was at 5.7 and 3 months later was at 6.1. I started using whole plant hemp oil about a month ago and am up to 50 mg of CBD daily. Of course until I have my next A1C test in two months, I won’t know if it’s making a difference. I’ve been trying to adjust my CBD dose according to how I feel stress wise because I thought that could be affecting my blood sugar.

I also have adrenal insufficiency and am taking hydrocortisone daily to help with fatigue. (We did saliva testing and my cortisol levels are all low.) I’ve had a life time of chronic stress and have just never been able to really kick in the relaxation response so I’ve always battled a lot of anxiety, depression, neck and shoulder spasms and now high blood glucose levels.

It won’t hurt that I used CBD from hemp, right? I’m assuming you just feel that it’s not very effective. We live in Colorado so I could get cannabis. Just don’t know where to begin…. Would I need a license to buy a specific dose? And if I did a consult with you and it was appropriate, could I obtain a medical marijuana license from you or would it need to be a physician here in Colorado?

I really appreciate your help!


Why is the hemp cbd oil not effective for lowering blood sugar? I’m in a non medical marijuana state and am currently taking hemp cbd oil for primarily ptsd and it has been extremely effective, but I’m also in pre/beginning stage of diabetes so would like to know if the hemp oil is harmful for diabetes.


I take Nuleaf CBD grown organically in Colorado -about 30mg-35mg daily. I know that hemp absorbs a lot of impurities and pesticides from the soil and environment it’s grown in, so I’m taking organic and pesticide free cbd.

Allan Frankel, MD
June 16, 2017 5:51 am

I just do not understand how you can get CBD from hemp grown in Colorado. The federal law on hemp restricts extractions of CBD to be limited to the stalks. It is federally illegal to extract from hemp flowers. It is just insanely inefficient to try get the tiny bit of CBD from the stalks. I must assume this is hemp CBD from China or elsewhere.

Frankly, I would not believe Hemp CBD is from Colorado hemp . unless I saw it with my own eyes.

What are you taking it for?

Allan Frankel, MD
June 16, 2017 5:46 am

It is not harmful. Hemp based CBD is not as effective as cannabis CBD for any condition. I am happy it is helping with your PTSD. Perhaps it will lower your sugar. Whole plant CBD for sure does


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