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December 19, 2016
Allan Frankel, MD

I see a few new and follow up Lyme Disease patients every month. Although there are differences with every patient, in most cases they have similar histories and symptoms. The folloLyme Disease and Cannabiswing are my findings on Lyme Disease and cannabis.

First, most have either been on or are currently on antibiotics, which is the generally accepted treatment for Lyme. Antibiotics are used at the initial Lyme diagnosis as well as for recurring Lyme symptoms.

Antibiotic therapies work well for many patients, but some still suffer from the following long-term Lyme symptoms:
1. Depression
2. Sleep disorders
3. Chronic and often severe pain.
4. Anxiety
5. Assorted neurological disorders with frequent neuropathic pain.

I see each patient as a complex combination of conditions, therapies and symptoms that often require more than one cannabis therapy.

As a general rule, Lyme patients ultimately see the best results with varying ratios of CBD and THC. Depending on the patients’ chief complaint, they may need medicine with more THC and may need to be titrated up to the recommended ratio. Often they might use this at night and more CBD for daytime. Regardless of dosing details, Lyme patients seem to be in the group that requires daily cannabis with several doses daily. There are many situations where using cannabis as needed works great, but this is not one of them. In many chronic diseases that require ongoing therapy, we often find that over many months, the average dose can be decreased.

In Conclusion

If most patients will work closely with their physician, as a result, a regimen can usually be found that helps enough symptoms to be quite worthwhile. I would encourage any patient with Lyme Disease seeking cannabis therapy to select a physician willing to work closely in follow up. The first visit and the first treatment plan, is just a starting point. Time and titration is the key.

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Dr. Frankel, do you have any experience with West Nile Encephalitis \meningitis? I was wondering if CBD would be effective in recovery from the neuroinvasive symptoms like muscle weakness and paralysis.

Allan Frankel, MD
March 22, 2017 4:41 pm

In theory it might be very helpful. I can’t find any cases that were treated. That said there is a reasonable possibility of a significant upside and no downside. Just be sure to use CBD from whole plant cannabis, not hemp


Thank you. We live in Colorado. Are there reputable dealers here? There are lots of pot shops but I want to do this right. Would I be better off ordering online?


Hi Dr. Frankel-
My son has a leptospirosis blood infection which his intergrative medicine doctor believes is the root cause of his autoimmune. My son has had many allergic reactions to the antibiotics to treat the bacterial infection. Could cannibis be used as an antimicrobial to treat his blood infection?

Thank you for your input.

Allan Frankel, MD
June 8, 2017 5:54 pm

I honestly do not know. For sure, CBD can help with autoimmune issues and inflammation. Be sure to get whole plant CBD and not hemp


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