Our Practice

Dr. Frankel recommends the use of consistent measured dosage medical cannabis products delivered in a medical form as an alternative and complementary therapy.

His patients either seek him out or are referred to him by their physicians when they do not achieve relief from or cannot tolerate the side effects of traditional therapies.

In addition, he receives patient referrals from the department heads of major medical centers and leading physicians in the fields of psychiatry and neurology.

Initial consultations are one hour and include a comprehensive examination, review and discussion of prior medical history and records, and education on medical cannabis as a therapy. At the end of the consultation, patients are given a detailed treatment plan specifying specific medications and dosages to treat their condition. After your office visit, follow up messaging continues your direct connection to Dr. Frankel. This is included with the cost of your office visit and is just as important to ensure you and Dr. Frankel have the ability to continue to discuss your progress or any questions you may have.  We also provide patients with an insurance “superbill” for submission to their health insurance carrier. Most insurance plans provide 50% to 80% reimbursement of the cost of the consultation.