The only reasons I can imagine that all doctors are not scrambling to begin dosing their patients are:

1. They are not familiar with dosing regimens.

2. Fear for federal prosecution for “Aiding and Abetting”

If the problem is the former, let our offices help you learn.

If the problem is the latter, it is a bit more confusing, but in the end not so much.

There is a part of the Aiding and Abetting clause of Federal origin, where it is stated that a physician may not create a “PRESCRIPTION”. It is INTERPRETED to mean that no dosing can be given.

At the same time there are both physicians and non physicians recommending dosing and cannabis schedules. We have never seen anyone arrested for giving dosing information and I am sure we will never see that. No jury in this country would ever convict a physician for following his oath for something that everyone knows is the most basic information a physician can share with his patient.

The Feds have plenty of work as it is and for the most part they are staying out of the States. For sure, we have not seen any notion that dosing in Colorado for the children with seizures is “illegal”. Nobody in the current environment should rationally be concerned about “Treatment Plans”.

Every doctor, at every visit is expected to supply a Treatment Plan prior to the end of the patient visit. The Treatment Plan simply tells the patient what to do with their medications. How much? How often? When is follow up?

The other issue to ponder is what will happen to Medical Cannabis after legalization. I believe it will for sure exist, as it does in the currently legal states. This is for 30% savings on medication which is enough benefit to to keep current medical patients.

The change will be with the current 85% or so of the population that has no interest in current cannabis products and will never smoke or even consider edibles; These patients want to dose by the mg as they do everything else. The physicians of the future will be working with mainstream physicians and blending Treatment Plans of their Primary Care Docs with their Cannabis Treatment Plan.

Looking for feedback??

Allan Frankel, MD Dr Allan Frankel is one of the few physicians in the US who truly understands Cannabis as a medicine. All treatments suggested have been well studied. Every patient seen by Dr Frankel is given a personally created Treatment Plan created with the patient's specific issues defined. Plant medicine requires "tuning" of the dosing. Dr Frankel works with his patients thru a messaging portal. The use of this portal, allows quick and simple follow up contact with Dr Frankel. Patients are not charged for these messages, as this is how Dr Frankel has learned what he has learned. Follow up appointments in person or by phone/video are also available when needed

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