We recently received the following note from a patient suffering from Myasthenia Gravis who has seen improvement of her symptoms after beginning a regimen of CBD and THC-A:

In February of 2016 my life was gravely altered when all of the pieces of the puzzle came together with a diagnosis of MuSK Myasthenia. The droopy eyelids and face, slurred speech with an inability to pucker my mouth, double vision that at times was debilitating and eating baby food or liquids due to inability to swallow.

That is where I had descended to by March 2017 but I was determined I was not going to get into the drugs that were recommended and of course all of the side effects that come with those drugs.

In doing some online research to find an alternative treatment I luckily came across Dr. Allan Frankel and his cannabis practice. Dr. Frankel gave me a formula to take in spray form and within two days I had absolutely no more arthritis or joint pain. This had nothing to do with the Myasthenia but what a very pleasant surprise!!! Within about three days I could pucker my mouth and swish mouthwash in my mouth again. I was also able to run my tongue over my teeth both top and bottom and fold my tongue again. By the seventh day of taking the oils the double vision was gone and the swallowing was greatly improved. I stand in front of the mirror every morning and go through my litany of what I can and cannot do because of the symptoms. Now I am able to eat anything I like and my symptoms are GREATLY suppressed. I am full of hope.

I am so very grateful to Dr. Frankel for altering my life in a way I never thought possible. Dr. Frankel has a wonderful gift and we are all so very lucky that he is willing to share and put so much of his precious time into our well being. I have to also acknowledge the office staff. They are very helpful, polite and full of patience.

Thank you to all. Susan

Allan Frankel, MD

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