Growing up in the 1950’s, I considered my friends and I to be average American kids. We enjoyed our days, at times we acted out and at times we were lazy, daydreaming or just interested in other things other than our schoolwork or chores.

I often evaluate young adults or even teenagers that exhibit the same tendencies, but are now suspected to have ADD, or ADHD without the hyperactivity aspect.

From my perspective, many of these young adults and children are healthy functioning individuals, but may have issues affecting their behavior.

I am not saying there are no children with ADD, but my personal belief is that ADD and anxiety are essentially the same illness. For some, stimulants do work and a LOT of people would like a little stimulation. A lot of people like the appetite control. A number of people like the buzz. It is not easy to get off Adderall or other stimulants. Let’s face it, the generic of Adderall is “Amphetamine Salts”. Speed.

Why not instead try CBD in low doses. IF anxiety is a substantial component of the issue, the patient is very likely to be much better with CBD. That said, I think whenever possible, any medication should be considered carefully before a parent steps out. However, CBD is incredibly safe and certainly a lot safer than any prescription medication.

When considering a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, I recommend seeing a physician with expertise in the evaluation of ADD/ADHD, but at the very least, try CBD first!

Allan Frankel, MD

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