“Anti-Tumoral Effects of Cannabinoid Combinations” For Glioblastoma Brain Tumors

Here is another patent, in this case from GW Pharmaceuticals. It is for the treatment of Glioblastoma Brain Tumors.

What is particularly interesting is:

1. It is from 2009

2. It involves varying ratios of CBD:THC

This is incredibly benign medicine….to say the least. How in the world have six years passed without these studies being followed up?

Will these products be more Whole Plant, as we have discussed, or will they be stripped of all THC, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, plant waxes, etc etc?

Will these products be a threat for the current medical cannabis industry and in the end, many of these will be covered by insurance? I have no idea. I think at the current rate, it will be a while, but certainly on the horizon.

If I were on the pharmaceutical boards, I would be meeting with Monsanto. That would patent the strain and allow perhaps more patentable whole plant products. I am sure this is already happening, but I don’t know. If they have not thought of it, perhaps I should delete this paragraph??

As we see more inroads from pharmaceuticals, there may very well be some great whole plant products, but I predict we will see most products being stripped entirely of THC and most minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Regardless of which direction pharmaceutical companies take, we need to:

1. Create better and different and more efficient CBD rich strains.

2. We need to learn methods of growing and processing for less

3. We need to remain compassionate.





Allan Frankel, MD

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