We are all looking for more evidence regarding the efficacy treating cancer with CBD and/or THC. There is a plethora of articles on the issue and particularly a lot of data with regard to treating Glioblastomas – a very challenging Brain Cancer that is most common in children.

I believe there are three points to be taken home with regard to Cannabidiol and Glioblastomas backed by the articles below. Again, there are hundreds of articles and these are not the final answer for certain, but consider the safety of CBD and the probably great efficacy of CBD, it seems reasonable therapy to consider.

So, the three major points:

1. CBD helps aid the Glioblastoma cells in committing apoptosis or “cellular suicide”. It is this property that helps prevent the tumor from becoming tolerant to chemotherapy
2. CBD helps increase the efficacy of chemotherapy
3. CBD helps increase the efficacy of radiation

So, cannabis, at least in my opinion, is an adjuvant form of anti-cancer therapy. It works with Chemo and Radiation therapy and perhaps also has efficacy without them

Allan Frankel, MD

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