Cannabinoids In Juiced Cannabis

Yesterday I blogged on a little experiment being done at StateWide Collective. The juicing of cannabis leaves may have nutritional benefits, but the claims to their being 500 – 1000 mg of cannabinoids in 25 large leaves is just ridiculous.

The prior claims from many has been that this VERY large dose of cannabinoids in their Acid form are non-psychoactive(true), cross the blood brain barrier (not known or ever shown in any tracer studies) and help kill cancer cells. It is difficult to know all the effects of the Acid forms of the cannbinoids and certainly there are a number of great benefits, but HOW MUCH CANNABIS IS IN A DRINK?

So, back to the experiment. The 30 leaves are now nearly 100% dry and photo is below:
30 Dried Omrita Leaves 1.8 grams
Are we to believe that there are 500-1000 mg of CBD and THC in these leaves? Does this make sense to anyone? If one is believes that there are even 500 mg in these leaves, one must believe that these leaves could produce one gram of great hash. As this is Omrita, we would expect around a 1.5:1 CBD-A:THC-A ratio. So, one would EXPECT around 300 mg of CBD-A and 200 mg of THC-A.

The leaves are now on their way to the lab at The Werc Shop, and by tomorrow we will have the answer.

My best GUESS, is that it will be WAY, WAY, WAY less than 500 mg – let alone 1000 mg. I expect around 7 mg of total cannabinoid acids. Perhaps 4.5 mg/gram CBD-A and 3 mg/gram THC-A. So, I am guessing the lab results, which I will post, will show around 7 mg OF TOTAL CANNABINOIDS. Not very much.

Stay tuned….

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