Over the years I have written many articles about cannabis cancer therapies. There is growing evidence medical cannabis is effective in helping patients manage certain types of cancers at various stages, in conjunction with and as an alternative to traditional medical treatments. Medical cannabis is also effective in managing the side effects of cancer therapies and the symptoms of the disease.

Unfortunately, most people wait too long after diagnosis to begin cannabis therapies. They begin looking for alternative therapy when conventional therapies haven’t worked and the disease is metastatic with a terminal diagnosis.

When diagnosed with cancer, I highly recommend consulting a major cancer center for a diagnosis confirmation, a staging assessment and a recommendation of treatment protocols. Following assessment and treatment recommendations, medical cannabis should be immediately considered as a complementary therapy.

My first concern is that a patient has the best medical care. Whatever type cancer or the stage, we recommend the use of medical cannabis be done with advice of a medical doctor experienced in cancer treatment with cannabis.

About 20% of the patients I see are seeking help with cancer. They may experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, pain, other treatment side effects and symptoms of the disease. The cannabis formulations I recommend can be very effective at dealing with these issues as well as treating some cancers.

Have Questions?

If have questions about cannabis therapy for cancer, please call my office at 310-393-0640 to set up a consultation.

Allan Frankel, MD

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