As a physician, my education, training and experience is to treat illness with specific dosages of medications. Based on the results from such dosages, to adjust the dosage or medication as needed to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.

For the most part, every medication we are exposed to, whether over the counter or prescription, has specific dosages and intervals for use.

Medical cannabis presents it own unique set of circumstances, which I have come to refer to as “casual” and “focused” dosing.

If one speaks with a cannabis user who has been using cannabis for many years, he/she will tell you that the cannabis is working very well for them and they have no idea how many mg of what cannabinoids they are taking. In addition, this person does not care and probably in most cases, does not need to care much. They know what to expect and whether to slow down to increase their intake of that particular cannabis product. I call this “Casual Dosing”. There is little or no need to know the precise mg of THC, the patient is happy, their symptoms or “needs” are met and all is good.

However, if the vast majority of patients seeking relief to their conditions were to ever begin using Cannabis, they would need some dosing scheme. This would allow them to find their dose and CBD/THC ratio and stick to it. This is what I refer to as “Focused Dosing”. Patients have a specific issue they are treating, find the right dose and form of administration with their doctor and in a focused manner, adjust the dose as needed.

I am accepting of either casual or focused dosing, as I believe people should do what works best for them. However, it is important for all to know that finally, after years of only having “Casual Dosing”, all people can have their dose of cannabis directed and “Focused”.

Allan Frankel, MD

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