At this time, there are three types of CBD available to patients. The first is from CBD rich Cannabis plants, the second is from Hemp and the third is made in a laboratory.

The CBD from the Cannabis plant is unique in that it is extracted from the plant along with hundreds of minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids which are not present in Hemp or laboratory created CBD. The combination of these molecules allows the CBD from the Cannabis plant to be more effective. This results in a lower dose required than the Hemp or laboratory created CBD.

The terpenes in CBD from the Cannabis plant have been documented to have direct effects on the cannabinoid receptors and increasing the biological effects of the major cannabinoids.

CBD rich cannabis plants

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On a practical basis, how will/should this information help you obtain and use CBD?

So, if you obtain Hemp CBD you should not expect the same results as using CBD from cannabis plants. If you would like to experiment, get 15 mg/ml or so of Hemp CBD and CBD from cannabis plants and take a ml, or 15mg +/-, of each on different days. Place them under your tongue, swish around your mouth and don’t eat for 15 min. If you ever feel a better response with Hemp, please contact me. It is sad to me that in California, where so many rich CBD strains are readily available, why so many dispensaries are selling Hemp CBD. The solution is to grow more CBD rich Cannabis here in California and save the Hemp plants for other uses.

As I’ve said before, Hemp should be used for it’s best use, fiber, and Cannabis for it’s best use, medicine.

Allan Frankel, MD

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