On Diabetes Alert Day it is fitting to discuss not only attempts at managing the disease, but also contributing factors and other conditions related to the disease.

Diabetes Alert Day

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For some time I have been recommending whole plant cannabis CBD for patients with Diabetes. We have seen a substantial lowering of their glucose levels in those with Type II Diabetes including several patients’ Hemoglobin A1C levels normalize so they are able to stop their Type II Diabetes medications.

The first time I saw this with a Diabetic, he called me after having some hypoglycemic episodes while taking CBD in addition to his Metformin. I told him to stop his Metformin and continue his CBD. His glucose levels normalized and he remained off Metformin. This is a good demonstration of blood sugar control over a three-month period. With any patient with Type II Diabetes, I “warn” them about this.

With regard to cholesterol, Diabetes can raise “bad” cholesterol levels and lower “good” cholesterol levels. Once a patients blood sugar levels are stable, if they are on a statin I will often discuss with the patient and their primary care doc, the idea of stopping the statin and monitoring their cholesterol levels. The drop in cholesterol is not overnight. It can take some months for reasons we don’t yet understand. However, we are seeing improvements in cholesterol levels and many patients remain off their statins.

We have also seen improvements ranging from apparent stabilization of macular degeneration and help with neuropathic pain. Sometimes combined with THC, CBD is a vascular and renal protectant.

Finally with regard to weight and Diabetes, there is certainly a connection to being overweight and the onset of Diabetes. I have written about the effect of CBD on curbing appetite before. The ability to achieve weight loss with CBD is real.

So, when discussing CBD and Diabetes, it is a multipronged approach. Helping patients with weight, cholesterol and glucose issues. I believe this is all happening on a number of metabolic levels, such as bringing the sensitivity of insulin back to normal.

So, help with many major issues resulting from, and associated with diabetes can be achieved with CBD. For certain, it is worth a try.


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Allan Frankel, MD

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