I was just reading a message from a patient with a seizure disorder who came out of the hospital with swallowing issues. I am not certain what it is from at this point, but as none of their current medications can be stopped, I can’t be certain if it is a side effect of a new medication or something neurological.

Recently I have seen three patients with swallowing difficulties being a secondary issue in their presentation during my initial consultation with them.One patient is a stroke patient, a second is a Myasthenia Gravis patient and the third is the ALS patient I just wrote about.

In all three situations the Dysphagia or swallowing issues were either just passing comments or casually mentioned. I think the patients and I just never considered that cannabis could help with swallowing.

To my surprise, and the surprise of these three patients, while under the treatment plan using the CBD, THC and THC-A for their primary issues their swallowing improved enough to the point where some/most of the time the patients began stopping their tube feedings.

So, we must consider any patient with a swallowing issue should at least try CBD with THC and THC-A.

Allan Frankel, MD

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