I have been seeing a number of patients with Essential Tremor.

Essential Tremor is a familial condition, meaning that the tremors (or shaking) tend to occur more often in family members than is expected by chance alone.


Essential Tremor can sometimes be as difficult to live with as Parkinson’s disease, and often similar cannabis therapies can be effective for both conditions.


I tend to see more Essential or Familial Tremor patients than Parkinson’s disease, and yet in both cases, each have had the best response to a combination of CBD and THC-Acid in equal doses. Although this same ratio often helps our Parkinson’s disease patients, it appears that to a greater degree, our Essential Tremor patients are exhibiting a better response.


Additionally, there is recent data showing a stabilization of Parkinson’s disease using THC-V. Without question, there is evidence that THC-V is helpful in healing the nerves contained by the myelin sheath, which wraps around and insulates nerve cells, and with it we have seen a lot of great responses for various forms of neuropathy. So then, this raises the question: Is it possible that using a combination CBD, THC-A and THC-V might be the best regimen for Essential Tremor, and perhaps Parkinson’s disease as well?


Our plans are to use a combination of these three cannabinoids: CBD, THC-A and THC-V. It is possible that the THC-V will best be used in transdermal form, while the CBD and THC-A would be used systemically. Perhaps even using all three as a transdermal might possibly be the most effective. At the moment, research continues, leaving this issue still up for discussion and observation.

We will certainly be reporting back on the results as we see progress.

Allan Frankel, MD

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