I have always been a big fan of Governor Brown and remain so. However I have a serious issue with his very recent decision to block children from obtaining their cannabis medicine during school hours.

This is NOT about children bringing edibles to school. This is not about other children being exposed to any risks. I believe it is political and has not been well thought through.

Over the past seven years, I have seen over 500 children with seizure disorders and autism. Every time I seen a family, the issue of dosing and timing of dosing is an essential portion of the Treatment Plan. The issue of timing is critical. If the blood levels of CBD or THC in some cases, drop due to excessive time since the last dose, the child is more likely to have a seizure or act out.

With the Autistic children, whether in mainstreamed schools or special education, it is very common for aggression to occur in the afternoon at school as their cannabinoid levels drop. I have been extremely frustrated that any child can have any prescription medication administered to them while at school; sometimes it is stimulants, such as Adderall, and these are way more dangerous in every way.

There are too many children that must leave school entirely and be home schooled because their blood levels have dropped, and they become aggressive. This is just silly.

We are not talking about smoking, vaping or even edibles. The medicines:

  1. Must be in child proof containers
  2. Must be administered by a school professional
  3. Must be a chain of custody of the medicine, just like with any other medication

If a child somehow got hold of a prescription medication, there would be potential serious consequences. Even IF, the cannabis somehow got away from the administrator, it would be an issue for certain, but no potential serious consequences.

Perhaps the use of medication should require a physician note with a specific dosing plan that is reviewed with the school administration.

I can see no reason why this cannot be done safely, if the will to do so is present.

Seeing children thrown out of school because their dosing schedule is ruined by the school that threw them out, should not continue.

Allan Frankel, MD

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