While there is significant progress being made in the effort to legalize medical cannabis in United States, and internationally, recent treatment results have made us consider the following question – are we focusing on the wrong aspect of cannabis? Dr. Allan Frankel has found the non-psychoactive version of THC, known as THC-Acid, is proving effective for some patients as an adjunct therapy to CBD as well as a therapy for people on which CBD is not as effective as expected. This is another positive advance for treating various conditions, except for those needing treatment in locations that have only legalized CBD. What we should be focusing on is the relative psychoactivity of the medicine rather than just the THC or CBD content.


“Evidence shows THC-A, THC that has not been processed to activate its psychoactive properties, is actually less psychoactive than CBD,” stated Dr. Frankel. “With recent evidence of the effective treatment of seizures, Dystonia or Torticollis it appears THC-A has effects in both the central and peripheral nervous system. I have seen a good response with a Parkinson’s patient and am hoping there will be positive responses with other neuro-muscular disorders.”


A huge step was recently made in the treatment of a patient with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) using a combination of THC-A and CBD. This patient had virtually no use of any of his extremities. He had not used his right hand for several years. On modest doses, after two days he noted a significant improvement. Now a couple of months into treatment, one of his legs and his right arm are now beginning to function.


With results this life changing it only makes sense to delve further into the possibilities of THC-A. If the focus would shift to psychoactivity of the medicine rather than just the CBD or THC content, there is huge progress to be made.

Allan Frankel, MD

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