On on routine basis, I see patients who come in using narcotics. Some are being used for attempts at controlling severe pain; Others are people who have become addicted to narcotics following surgery or other illness.

I find the use of mixed cannabinoids to greatly help both groups.

1. It appears that the use of CBD/THC minimizes withdrawal symptoms to a great extent. This helps both groups.

2. It is VERY common that my patients self-titrate themselves off narcotics as their pain is controlled. I have never

needed to give a patient a taper schedule.

3. Patients going on cannabinoids just don’t take their narcotics once their pain is minimized.

4. Patients with addiction related issues are benefitted in a couple of ways. First, it minimizes withdrawal.

Secondly, with manipulation of the patient’s cannabinoid regimen, the patient can often achieve the “feeling”

they need and use less of their substance.

PLEASE, if you are considering moving from pills to Heroin, CONSIDER CANNABIS.

Allan Frankel, MD

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