How Are Seeds Made With Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants are no different than most other plants, other than the medicine they make. There are two ways to obtain seeds.

1. Have the flowering plant (female always) stressed out with light changes or colloidal silver. With light or other
exposures/deprivation, the female plant “feels” as is it might die, and this stress makes the plant, very often,
become a hermaphrodite. This means that it is both male and female and it soon pollinates itself. As the auto-seeding
matures, “banana pods” filled with seeds develop. You can see the photo below. All or 95% or so of all the seeds are
female and they are generally identical to the Mother plant. This is how “feminized” seeds are created in nature and
with seed developers.

2. When new strains are being developed, the genetics master, will obtain a male plant with specific characteristics
grow it, obtain pollen from it and pollinate the female plant as soon as her hairs appear in good number and are
WHITE. Once they turn brownish, the buds are getting too close to the end of their cycle to be pollinated. In the
case below, you can see the green banana pods where the seeds are created. The pods will soon burst and the seeds will
be carefully collected.

Look below at the green banana pods full of seeds. These seeds will be planted and the seedlings tested as the next generation of strain creation is done.

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