Interstitial Cystitis is a fairly common disorder in both men and women. The cause is not well understood but the syndrome consists of urinary urgency, frequency and pain. This syndrome can be devastating for patients and become a part of a chronic pelvic pain syndrome, which I will cover in a future blog.

I see these patients generally referred by their urologist, gynecologist or pain specialist. I had one patient referred by their psychiatrist as they were nearly suicidal due to the pain and urgency.

I find that mostly using just Whole Plant CBD or WP-CBD in modest doses to be very effective.

With this and many other conditions, it is not unusual for the modest WP-CBD dose to take 1-2 weeks to become fully effective.

So, with this syndrome and many others, don’t be too quick to raise the dose. When in doubt, give it a little more time.

Allan Frankel, MD

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