For those who know my history, you will not be surprised that at times I think that the Medical Board diagnosed me as, among other things, as having:
“Cannabis Intoxication”.

Since my visit was in the AM, AND I was driving AND this was critically important, I did not get baked on the way to the shrink, Dr. Fast. I went to bed early and got a good night sleep, had breakfast and ultimately was seven minutes late, but I was NOT STONED. Frankly, if I WERE stoned, he would not have noticed.

During the 55 minute visit, I was clearly not intoxicated, whatever that might mean? So, let’s discuss what that MIGHT mean:
1. It might mean I had THC over-treatment and was paranoid and throwing up
2. It might mean I was very pleasantly stoned and more relaxed that the shrink felt was appropriate

Had I been throwing up and screaming, he probably would have included that in his report.
Had I been pleasantly stoned, he would have simply been re-stating that I was “cheerful, confident and optimistic……all of course inappropriate in this setting”.”

So, for Cannabis, using it or using too much could both be called intoxication.

Now, let’s change our medication to ANY medication that does not have billable psychiatric codes attached to them; probably over 15,000 of them or more.

With not one of these medications is there ever a diagnostic code for “Intoxication”; it is simply an effect or perhaps a side effect, but NOT a diagnosis!

So, why is this? Being the cynic, I say that in large part it is the psychiatric diagnostic and therapeutic manual for billing for SUBSTANCE ABUSE. It is a huge industry and what a better way to help them control what they wish to control than by turning effects and side effects into diagnoses.

Let’s all look out and look into these abuses of the power of the DSM (Psych code book).

Allan Frankel, MD Dr Allan Frankel is one of the few physicians in the US who truly understands Cannabis as a medicine. All treatments suggested have been well studied. Every patient seen by Dr Frankel is given a personally created Treatment Plan created with the patient's specific issues defined. Plant medicine requires "tuning" of the dosing. Dr Frankel works with his patients thru a messaging portal. The use of this portal, allows quick and simple follow up contact with Dr Frankel. Patients are not charged for these messages, as this is how Dr Frankel has learned what he has learned. Follow up appointments in person or by phone/video are also available when needed

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