It is not surprising that I cannot find any research articles on Cannabidiol and Lead Poisoning. However, if I were exposed to lead or if my child were exposed to lead, I would I would certainly take CBD.

Most of us know that the Federal Government patented CBD in October 2003 in large part, stating the Cannabidiol can prevent brain damage from a multitude of causes.

There is recent data that CBD can prevent neuro-toxicity from a chemotherapy agent called Taxol. I have seen many, many patients with severe neuropathic pain as a result of Taxol therapy for Breast Cancer.

The success rate in treating Taxol neuropathic pain is good. There are hundreds of animal studies showing CBD’s ability to prevent various forms of neurotoxicity.

CBD is an incredibly safe medicine. I know what I would do if I lived in Flint. Flint is in a Medical Cannabis state with access to CBD.

This should at least be on the table for discussion.

Allan Frankel, MD

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