On October 29,2015 I posted an early report of therapy for a male with ALS. He had not moved either arm nor leg for six months. His speech was severely affected. When he would transfer from his wheelchair to the car, he had to have help with one leg at a time.

When I first saw him, I recommended a CBD/THC combination. He was helped by this, but adding in THC-Acid make a big difference. I would have to say that all three cannabinoids as well as the whole plant effect all are contributing to his benefit.

How much better will he get? I will let you know.

With slowly increasing doses of CBD/THC/THC-a, he first noticed a significant change in his right arm function. The first time he noted a change, his right arm instinctively used a utensil to bring food to his mouth! His wife watched this with true amazement. Since my initial report on October 29, his left arm and both legs are actually better than they were six months ago. His speech is markedly improved. He has some control of all four extremities when a few months ago he had none.

I believe this is an example of how multi-cannabinoid therapy can work in ways we currently have no appreciation of.

Should we consider multi-cannabinoid therapy for more patients? I think so.

More to follow…

Allan Frankel, MD

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