Wow, a long title, but there is a connection between all these varied diseases, acetylcholine and cannabis therapy.

In my 35 years of practice as an internal medical doctor, I have dealt with many patients suffering from various neuromuscular disorders but prior to discovering medical cannabis was limited by traditional therapies. However, with several options for dosed medical cannabis therapies we are seeing some exciting and promising results.


It has become clear that many, but not all of, the mitochondrial diseases often have neuromuscular, cerebral and other issues. Each disease is different, but they share some common characteristics. They often have acetylcholine deficiency states, centrally, peripherally or both. Additionally, they frequently have circulating antibodies against acetylcholine receptors or acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine.


We have found THC, THC-Acid and CBD all can lead to increasing acetylcholine activity and or function in the central and peripheral nervous system, it is well worth continued therapy using this multi-cannabinoid triad of therapy.


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Allan Frankel, MD Dr Allan Frankel is one of the few physicians in the US who truly understands Cannabis as a medicine. All treatments suggested have been well studied. Every patient seen by Dr Frankel is given a personally created Treatment Plan created with the patient's specific issues defined. Plant medicine requires "tuning" of the dosing. Dr Frankel works with his patients thru a messaging portal. The use of this portal, allows quick and simple follow up contact with Dr Frankel. Patients are not charged for these messages, as this is how Dr Frankel has learned what he has learned. Follow up appointments in person or by phone/video are also available when needed

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