I have previously written on Taxol, a common chemotherapy agent, and the neuropathy it produces. There are additional chemotherapy and non-chemotherapy drugs that also cause long term neuropathic pain. Often the neuropathic pain caused by these drugs becomes the worst part of the patients’ lives. Even when their cancer is in remission, debilitating neuropathic pain is frequently still an issue.

More and more animal studies now confirm the pre-treatment with CBD may very well prevent a lot of the neuropathic issues. It is not a huge stretch to expect renal/kidney and other organ protection from early use of CBD.

There can be little argument against the use of CBD with toxic therapy. Really, it is just a medicinal plant.

Is there an oncologist out there who would like to do a simple study? Assign patients who are to receive Taxol to CBD or No CBD groups. In under a year we would have results. We can do this, I believe, with a small number of patients, such as under 30. Since this will not be blinded, if we find great results in the first six months of patients, this can be published and we will help tens of thousands of patients with a few sprays of a CBD extract at bedtime.

Allan Frankel, MD

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