As we have had more experience with THC-A extracts, we are finding more quite positive results. We have now had experience with seizure patients, cervical and other dystonic diseases and parkinson’s disease.

THC-A is not psychoactive and is available pretty much anywhere there is old fashioned “weed”. There have been doubts upon the central nervous system by THC-A, but it seems quite clear that it does cross the blood brain barrier and is helpful with a number of central nervous system diseases.

An enzyme that breaks down Acetylcholinesterase (an enzyme that metabolized Acetylcholine, a transmitter that helps with neuromuscular disorders, is involved with both PD and Dystonia. In fact, the national Dystonia Association just joined the Michael J Fox Parkinson’s Foundation. I presume, not at accident at all. These patients have similar, in some respects, diseases. Both diseases are involved with the metabolism of acetylcholine, both are issues in the part of the brain called the “Substantia Nigra”, both are muscle movement disorders and at least with some early patients, both seem to respond well to THC-A. In fact, their response is much better than that of CBD.

Any thoughts??

Allan Frankel, MD

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