I must admit I have been skeptical when it comes to THC-A. I am changing my mind. There just are so, so few THC-A studies. On the other hand, we are missing a lot of data in areas where we see daily success. It just a matter of time.

In my last blog I spoke about young woman with Myasthenia Gravis and her response to THC-A. I am following many children with seizures. There is a very good response rate, well over 50%, but there are kids who do not respond to CBD. I recently was treating a child with CBD unresponsive seizures. We kept doubling the dose and finally gave it a break and substituted low dose THC-A. As with the Myasthenia Gravis patient, the response was very quick.

So, here are two “anecdotal” or “N=1” studies showing the efficacy of THC-A in two fairly different neurological disorders. I will need to spend some time looking into the relationship between acetylcholine and seizures? Anyone out there have some thoughts??

Allan Frankel, MD

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