Trigeminal Neuralgia Or Neuropathy treated using CBD and THCa

face pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia is a specific variant of neuropathy that primarily effects the Fifth Cranial or facial nerve.
Trigeminal Neuralgia is often seen after facial or facial nerve trauma. The pain is neuropathic in nature, meaning it is severe, burning and often "suicidal" in nature. Neuropathic pain is often described as "suicidal" as it is often so severe, the patients will often consider suicide as a way out of this very severe neuropathic disorder.
The patients treated, generally are taking moderate doses of narcotics and often are being treated with acupuncture as well as other modalities in attempts to relieve the pain.
In recent months, we have tried using combinations of CBD and THC-Acid as treatment for neuropathic pain and in particular Trigeminal Neuralgia. 
We have also found that THC-Acid is a very good therapy for neuropathic or neuralgic pain. Combining THC-Acid with CBD generally gives very good results in treating neuropathic or neuralgic pain.
I have also seen prior success treating Trigeminal Neuralgia using transdermal 1:1 CBD:THC products.
THC-Varin is also therapeutic in the treatment of neuropathic or neuralgic pain. Combining THC-V and THC-A should give patients relief as well. 
This needs to be explored both systemically as well as transdermally. 
Here are three recent patient responses: 
1. "For several years, I was taking medication for my trigeminal neuralgia that had severe side effects. Since Dr. Frankel prescribed cannabis medication, my pain has been under control with no side effects. Because of my very positive experience, I recommend that patients with trigeminal neuralgia to try cannabis-based medication instead of the standard treatment."
2. "i do not have any more pain in my face and the swelling of my gums is almost normal. Can't tell you how happy that makes me. I am very please with the outcome. "
3. "My condition has significantly improved. I have less pain in my face and Jaw."
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Allan Frankel, MD Dr Allan Frankel is one of the few physicians in the US who truly understands Cannabis as a medicine. All treatments suggested have been well studied. Every patient seen by Dr Frankel is given a personally created Treatment Plan created with the patient's specific issues defined. Plant medicine requires "tuning" of the dosing. Dr Frankel works with his patients thru a messaging portal. The use of this portal, allows quick and simple follow up contact with Dr Frankel. Patients are not charged for these messages, as this is how Dr Frankel has learned what he has learned. Follow up appointments in person or by phone/video are also available when needed

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