More and More US Patents On Cannabinoids
Posted on August 11, 1013 by Allan Frankel, MD

US Patent Application 20060160888 – Room-temperature stable dronabinol formulations (full – 2006)

US Patent 7088914 – Device, method and resistive element for vaporizing a medicament (full – 2006)

US Patent Application 20060167084 – Delta-9-THC compositions and methods for treating symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis (full – 2006 )

US Patent 7025992 – Pharmaceutical formulations (full – 2006)

US Patent Application 20060039959 – Film-Shaped Mucoadhesive Administration Forms For Administering Cannabis Agents (full – 2006)

US Patent Application 20060242899 – Method of cultivating plants (full – 2006)

US Patent 7109245 – Vasoconstrictor cannabinoid analogs (full – 2006)

US Patent Application 20070020193 – Dronabinol compositions and methods for using same (full – 2007)

20080057117 – Pharmaceutical Composition Made Up of Cannabis Extracts (full – 2007)

US Patent Application 20070041994 – Compositions and methods for treating prostate disorders ( full – 2007)

US Patent Application 20070049645 – Anti-nausea and anti-vomiting activity of cannabidiol compounds (full – 2007)

US Patent Application 20070099987 – Treating or preventing diabetes with cannabidiol (full – 2007)

Patent 7344736 – Extraction of pharmaceutically active components from plant materials (full – 2008)

20080275237 – Method for Obtaining Pure Tetrahydrocannabinol (full – 2008)

US Patent 7402686 – Cannabinoid crystalline derivatives and process of cannabinoid purification (full – 2008)

US Patent 7399872 – Conversion of CBD to Δ-THC and Δ-THC (full – 2008)

US Patent Application 20080112895 – Aqueous dronabinol formulations (full – 2008)

US Patent Application 20080181942 – Delta-9-THC compositions and methods for treating symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis (full – 2008)

US Patent Application 20080262099 – Inhibition of Tumour Cell Migration (full – 2008)

Op-Ed: US Government Holds Patent For Medical Marijuana, Shows Hypocrisy (news – 2008)

Patent 7524881 – Production of Δ 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (full – 2009)

US Patent Application 20090324797 – Modulating Plant Oil Levels (full – 2009)

US Patent 7622140 – Processes and apparatus for extraction of active substances and enriched extracts from natural products (full – 2009)

US Patent Application 20090197941 – Pharmaceutical Compositons for the Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (full – 2009)

US Patent Application 20090005461 – Use of Cannabidiol in the Treatment of Hepatitis (full – 2009)

New Use for Cannabinoid-Containing Plant Extracts Patent application number: 20100249223 (full – 2010)

Cannabinoid-Containing Plant Extracts as Neuroprotective Agents Patent application number: 20100239693 (full – 2010)

Patent application title: Pharmacological Treatment of Psoriasis (full – 2010)

US Patent Application 20100012118 – Medicament dosage for inhaler (full – 2010)

Patent 7741365 Peripheral cannabinoid receptor (CB2) selective ligands (full – 2010)

Patent 7816143 Oral detection test for cannabinoid use (full – 2010)

US Patent Application 20100204312 – Methods and Compositions for Treating Cancer (full – 2010)

US Patent Application 20100158973 – Therapeutic Uses of Cannabidiol Compounds (full – 2010)

US Patent Application 20110097283 – Chewing Gum Compositions Comprising Cannabinoids (full – 2011)

US Patent Application 20110052694 – Use of Cannabidiol Prodrugs in Topical and Transdermal Administration with Microneedles (full – 2011)

US Patent Application 20110073120 – Smoke and Odor Elimination Filters, Devices and Methods (full – 2011)

US Patent Application 20110020945 – Oral Detection Test for Cannabinoid Use (full – 2011)

US Patent Application 20110082195 – New Use for Cannabinoids 2011 http:/

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