As you are all well aware, we do a lot of individualized cannabinoid dosing with Whole Plant Cannabis extracts administered sublingually, orally and rectally with varying ratio and strength sprays, capsules and suppositories.

So, at  the most basic level, we give patients “Treatment Plans” that include which extracts to use, which ratios CBD:THC, dosing and administration. The patients leave with a printed treatment plan in mg of cannabinoids.

However, this is really a small portion of what we actually do. As we spend at least one hour with every new patient, we have time to review their medical history very thoroughly. There are so, so many issues that come up with medication sensitivities or drug interactions, that knowing how to use pharmaceutical drugs, their strengths and pitfalls becomes critical to helping the patient leave with the best possible initial treatment plan. So, we need someone well trained in General Medicine to do the best possible job.

It is not that some patients can’t benefit from using a simple Sativa/Indica model, but the overwhelming number of patients out there do not want to be stoned and they don’t want to smoke or even vape. They want to know exactly what they are taking. It then becomes a part of their medication list and is placed with their other medicines, not in some special hidden drawer.

We do family counseling when there IS or APPEARS to be an cannabis abuse issue and I see teens with their parents and it becomes a counseling session. I have been asked a number of times by parents who bring in their 17 or 18 y/o and want me to tell the teen not to smoke. I can tell someone anything, but when I perceive that the teen is going to do what they want anyway (usually the case as we all know), I give them educational advise, options to replace smoking and counseling with the parents that the world is not coming to an end.

I am looking to hire a new young internist who wants to be mentored in Internal Medicine and Cannabis. I hope that this will lead to the growth of more health care professionals coming together to provide the best possible care using cannabinoids when appropriate.

Allan Frankel, MD

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