When any form of cannabis oil extraction is performed, the theory is simply separating the plant material from the “medicinal oil”. Whether done by CO2 extraction, butane, alcohol, etc, an average typical extraction obtains an oil that is similar to the following examples:

_________________THC           CBD            CBG           TOTAL % OF CANNABINOIDS

SAMPLE 1:               68%            2%             0.5%                          70.5%

SAMPLE 2:               40%           30%             0                               70%

SAMPLE 3:               60%             3%             1.5%                         64.5%


So, it should be clear that we have a high THC oil, a high CBD oil and a 1.5:1, CBD:THC. These values are after decarboxylation, so before any decarboxylation, the values would mostly be the Acid form of the cannabinoid molecules.

The sort of obvious, but interesting question is why do the total cannabinoid %’s run 60-70%? What is going on in the other 30% or so?

This 1/3 of the oil is made up of major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, plant waxes, carbohydrates and many other molecules. These are all important and are what makes Whole Plant medicine or as we said “WP-CBD/THC”. There are a LOT of molecules in the plant. It is complex. We have identified all the molecules – or should I say folks in Israel have isolated just over 1000 unique molecules.

We can measure so few right now. We will get much better.

At the end of the day, WP-cannabis is the best medicine.

Allan Frankel, MD

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