Dr. Frankel's Journal

CBD(Cannabidiol) and Drug Interactions

September 25, 2011
Allan Frankel, MD

CBD is metabolized in the liver by the P450 enzymatic system. So, any other drug, including THC, is affected to an unknown amount. Generally these interactions are said to be minimal, but for sure with THC, the THC effect is prolonged by a number of hours. So, I woud not be surprised that we see more drug interactions with the many prescription drugs that use the same P450 system.

A couple of common drugs, Lipitor and Xanax both use the P450 system, so their dose may have to be adjusted downward.

Here is the best list of drugs using the same pathway. Any patient using CBD and taking one or more of these drugs should notify their physician. Generally nothing needs to be done, but I am hearing of cases where doses should/can be reduced.

Here is the list:

Drugs using P450 Hepatic metabolism