The following are verified, GreenBridge Medical patient reviews that we

received from post-visit and consultation surveys:

“Dr Frankel is quite knowledgeable & friendly/caring. Knowledgeable about the appropriate use of CBD and/or THC for medical conditions He takes the time to ask relevant questions, explains well and answers all questions. Excellent advice!”

“Dr. Frankel is extremely knowledgeable, has excellent communication skills and has been very helpful in answering my questions. Since I live outside of the So. CA area, I feel fortunate that I could schedule a telephone consult appointment with him.”

“My Doctor referred me to Allan Frankel, MD for his cutting edge work with nontraditional medicine. His knowledge, advice, and dedication to getting these alternative healing methods out to the public is honorable and quite remarkable. I highly recommend!” – Athena

“This was our second visit with Dr. Frankel. He was terrific, very kind, funny and made he made difficult conversation much easier. He has also been very available to us via email. We are lucky to have him guide us through this very difficult time.”

“For the first time I got a straight-forward explanation of cannabis and its use rather than a guessing game of what “might” help. I’m encouraged by the specific information and the clarity in which it was communicated.” – Paula

“Dr. Frankel was very clear and thoroughly covered my questions and concerns and set up a treatment plan that fits nicely with my current treatment. I highly recommend him as a doctor who really knows medical marijuana in as a consistently dosed medicine.”

“I was impressed with Dr. Frankel’s credentials. I had thought it was going to be just another pot shop. I was relieved to find out that it was a professional medical facility.”

“Thank you for listening, understanding my frustration with pain, giving me advise, as well as offering to guide me through treatment. You and your staff were very empathetic toward our situation, and went out of your way to make everything happen. THX”

“Dr. Frankel was punctual to the dot. Due to financial restraints on my part, he was able to accomodate me. I first explained my medical condition in detail,he listened and from there he went to explain how cannabis works specifically for my condition.”

“I came to him because I have epilepsy and I’m determined to get off meds and go on CBD/THC. This doc is very knowledgable about medical marijuana, health disorders and seizures. He made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. He is the best.” – Crystal

“He REALLY listened non-judgementally. Asked excellent questions and was willing to consider ALL my medical issues – not just cancer. It was a refreshing break from my other doctors. He was also very well informed on CBD, not just THC.”

“A doctor who actually cares enough to spend time with his patients is a rare quality and on that alone he deserves a 5* rating , but more importantly, he is an extremely competent doctor who practices medicine with compassion and integrity.” – Melissa

“Dr. Frankel clearly leads with his heart and has a real passion and enthusiasm for his healing work. We talked about how great it must feel to make a real difference in the quality of your patients lives. He keeps abreast of world wide conferences.”

“Doctor Frankel took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns, from the moment I met with him I had a good feeling. I suffer from a Hyperhydrosis condition which has no cure and the doctor understood exactly what I was going through. Thank you!”


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