Dr. Frankel's Journal

GreenBridge Medical Steps It Up

February 16, 2011
Allan Frankel, MD

I have been discussing how important bringing the legitimacy of cannabis medicine to the cannabis medicine system. The medicine is the best, but the current system is very poor. The only longterm solution I see is to bring cannabis medicine to the general medical community.

GreenBridge is doing this by moving it’s offices in Marina Del Rey to a medical building in Brentwood, 11633 San Vicente Blvd, 107 LA 90049 (in the Jon Douglas Medical Building). We will be on the first floor and will have access either through the main medical building or directly thru a beautiful sidewalk entrance.

There are no dispensaries in the area but there are thousands of physicians. I believe some of these physicians, as they learn about tinctures and CBD Rich medicines, will be more encouraged to either refer patients to GreenBridge. I also hope that many of the doctors will begin writing recommendations for their own patients. This would make the recommendation actually mean something. Doctors such as myself who are very experienced can serve as consultants for those doctors and patients.

Of course, GreenBridge will continue the patients without recommendations, but will be encouraging patients to help their own doctors become more comfortable with medical cannabis. When that happens, we will have taken a big step forward.

Again, our new address is:
11633 San Vicente Blvd Suite # 107
LA CA 90049