Dr. Frankel's Journal

To All My Friends

February 17, 2011
Allan Frankel, MD

My Dear Friends,

As you all know, I dearly love the medicine from the cannabis plant but pretty disgusted by the system both on the physician and dispensing side. We have become more of a joke, despite our great work and incredible advances. The clinics doing this purely for the dollar have deteriorated to the level that they sell “Grow Certificates” for $200!! It is a joke and dangerous as it gives patients a false sense of security.

The only way to solve this, at least in my opinion, is to finally bring the medicine of cannabis to mainstream medicine. I think I have figured out a way to “Encourage” physicians to write recommendations. As one major step to place me in a position to actually begin doing this seriously, I have decided to move to the Jon Douglas Medical building in Brentwood and am moving this weekend.

This is the location and information . Patients can park on the street and walk right in to #107 or go through the building with valet, etc.

So, I will working together with Dr. Tahzib Her practice focusses on anti-aging, integrative medicine and family medicine.

The really exciting part of this, is that it places GreenBridge smack in the middle of West LA medicine and between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I am working hard on more CME and physician education projects and would love to involve all SCC Physicians. For those of you who do not know what the SCC is, please check out their web site. Any serious cannabis physician is involved in this TINY but critical organization. In my opinion it is perhaps the only serious medical cannabis organization in the state.

I apologize for making this long, but the idea is this:

When I visit these doctors I am happy to have them either send me their patients but I really prefer for them to get signed up with online verification and Rec creation and allow them to profit from this process; many of their patients will be thrilled. Many docs are overloaded with low fee patients. Many are fearful and will never write a Rec, but SOME will be able to overcome their fear when they see that they can make $50 to $200 having their nurse print up a Rec for a patient. They just have to sign and the nurse makes a note in the chart. All the records are there. They will NEVER be bothered as the primary doc. In one minute, the docs can create the most valid Recs ever. Perfect!

It is both scary and exciting leaving, but please call us at 310-821-9600, email us at (yourname)@greenbridgemed.com (BTW, yes, even yourname@greenbridgemed.com will work. 🙂 )

Again, beginning this Monday, come visit us at:
11633 San Vicente Blvd
Suite #107
Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

In the Jon Douglas Medical building – big red brick building on the north side of San Vicente just around from where it curves, next to Toscana’s restaurant.

GreenBridge Med New Office